Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Today I stopped into a small Organic Mediterranean Grill; Apropo Kafe. As you know, or will soon learn, eating  healthy has become a way of life, a lifestyle.  And so after a wonderfully delicious plate of baked faffel, homemade hummus, freshly sliced tomatoes–greek olives and a side basket of warmed flat bread, I took Orly’s suggestion to try her Turkish coffee. With a lovely smile and warm caring eyes, she brought the tiny coffee to my table.  Served in a petite Demitasse cup that reminded me of my grandmother’s fine china, this blended Turkish rendition tasted of froathy chocolate gently sweetened and very pleasing to my palate.

. . . Voila, ce finis.

If you care to visit the Mediterranean Grill and sample the Organic fare, you can find them at www.apropokafe.com or find Robert & Orly at 147 SE 1st Avenue, Boca Raton 33432.  561.393.1223

“Be Simple. Enjoy the simplicity of things. Life gets complicated enough on its own.”  The Zen Book

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  1. Turkish coffee is a favorite for me for a long time now. Drinking it on Shira’s (Cathy, you met Shira. Israeli with short curly hair on my birthday) patio after homemade Hummus with fresh vegetables was a regular part of my Florida lifestyle. I had many healing moments that included Turkish Coffee and home made sabra foods.

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