12-12-12; Fear or Celebration?


I feel like a kid–excited about Christmas morning or my birthday. Excited about the expectations of the upcoming impending and imminent birth of my child or marriage. Yet, none of these things apply in my life as Cathy right now. Singing, happy, excited and joyous; This is an excitement I cannot rationally and logically explain. So, I ask myself, what is it, deep within my cells, my DNA, that triggers this excitement? Is this eternal wisdom speaking to me? Is it a part of my purpose here?Am I tapping into something huge?

Sunday, I expressed these words to three other women on a conference call when the question of 12-12-12 was put forth. They tumbled out of my mouth with no conscious thought–wow–where did that come from?

This subject is on my mind–like a hanging chad. Thoughts and excitement suspended by one corner in some quadrant concealed in the depths of my mind. I find it hard to study and even sit still. Yesterday, I revisited this question again. Today, I stand in the wisdom of faith–not in the energy of fear. For me the 12-12-12 energy is a new energy and new paradigm of consciousness. Old scripture, prophecies and predictions could not have anticipated the shift in human conscious that has taken place within this last 30 year window; their writings now outdated. (like asking me to type from a typewriter not my iPad!) This new paradigm is about crossing into the energy of belief–of potentials and possibility. About a civilization dropping its investment in fears, a place the dark side of human nature cannot go. Things and systems that do not support the integrity of the collective have and will continue to fall. Things like electricity, clean water and new ways to feed ourselves will flourish. It is the movement of energy on the planet. To cross this bridge is to live in a world of love, compassion and light. It is peace on Earth. This is my truth, and I invite you to celebrate and walk with me as we cross this bridge together.


Love and Light,


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  1. Very thought provoking, for sure.

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