“We are always there with our hand out to you.” Asking for Help!

Colleen with her fish!

Colleen with her fish!

Saturday morning began with a text from a friend, “Would you like to get some breakfast?” It had been a long week with many late nights, and quite honestly I woke up tired–still. I made my ritual cup of coffee and text back, “Good morning. What do you have in mind? I just got up. Still coming back to earth–lol.”

An hour later Don was in my driveway with his PT Cruiser, and we headed toward the beach minutes away. I love the water, and despite the warm–very south Florida July morning–we enjoyed good conversation, catching up with travels, work, and life in general.

As we exited the restaurant we crossed the newly renovated square brightly adorned with Adirondack chairs in yellow, blue, orange, and green–Lauderdale by the Sea’s charming new look which in fact suited the town very well.  “Let’s walk out on the pier,” Don suggested which lay in full view just across the square and lot where we had parked his car.

Paying the entrance fee of two dollars, we wandered out onto the well visited Anglers pier. Don, a mix of Sandy and Bud of the old 60’s show Flipper, quickly pointed out all sorts of fish swimming in the salty blue ocean water below the suspended structure.

Before we knew it, Don and I had entered into a light conversation with two young adults standing near the railing. Colleen and Luke, brother and sister had come to the pier to fish and had quickly gotten down to business casting their lines over the wooden rail and were peering at the many fish below. Hoping to entice the fish with the shrimp & squid bits threaded onto their hooks and celebrate a successful Sunday excursion. Don, an obvious expert and seasoned angler, offered helpful pointers and assisted in a few technical advantages to help the pair.

Not getting much action with the fish along the middle-south-side of the long pier, Don suggested the far east end; others had been pulling up small fish all morning and perhaps Colleen and Luke would also have some success as well. So, with his suggestion, the four of us walked to the end of the pier. I, simply lending my moral support to the new adventure that was unfolding. Don continued with his fatherly advice helping the kids. Baiting the hooks, changing the weights, and giving casting techniques he watched as their lines drifted out into the water. He was a pro.

What happened next, astonished even me. Once again casting the lines into the water below, I causally asked Don, who was holding Colleen’s pole at that moment, if he had asked the angels and guides for help to catch a fish. Looking over at me, he shook his head no. Ask for help I replied. Within a minute or so, and to the excitement of the three of us, a small fish was securely tethered to Colleens hook. I was amazed. So was Don. Colleen was excited. Luke had gone for new hooks and missed the show.  We had a picture for proof. A true Kodak moment. The fish released back.

Then it was Luke’s turn, filling him in on the details he had missed. Don talked to the boy as he threw his newly adjusted line back into the water. Once again, just like magic, another fish was securely hooked. This time it was Luke’s fish.

 Never tell a story without a point, and always have a point to your story, right? It is simply this: We are never alone. We have help all around us. But, the secret is, we must ask. Whether you are struggling or not, we always have challenges in our lives. Take a moment and ask for help. Then, get quiet, and be open to receive the answer. Sometimes it doesn’t come in the package we want–or the timing we desire–but it’s always there for the asking. The most important thing is intent. Just like our request for a small fish today–we got two.

“Inspired Wellness from Within

Cathy Silver, HC

Another fish!

Another fish!

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