Nothing is Random

Just when we think our linear-intellectual 3D minds have things figured out, something unplanned or an undirected indiscriminate thought or idea, pops into our minds, out of the blue. So nonsensical, the brain hardly understands its meaning or knows what to do with it.  Anyone ever have that happen to them? Many times? You know it well? 

I have a client/patient who I worked with about 5 weeks ago. When I received her history questionnaire, I saw in my mind’s eye, a pioneer woman holding a rifle—aiming at someone or something, ready to defend something unspecified but near and dear to her in a most ferocious way. Confused yet? I was.

Push the Fast Forward button. I still see that image. Her daughter explained that they have a Serbian-Croatian biological genetic lineage. I told her that perhaps it was a metaphor, given to me, and one that I would understand, given that I was American. (And many 50’s shows growing up depicted this early American western genre.) Still guessing. What did this vision mean?

Today, I spoke with her daughter again. Another piece of the multidimensional puzzle—or what I like to call “cosmic breadcrumbs” fell from the sky. Just kidding. I was sitting in the parking lot of Pollo Tropical having a quick bite to eat on the way to pick up my extension ladder that I had loaned to a friend—and those non-linear answers magically appeared in thought block form: boom. 

We, her daughter and I had focused on her lineage from this lifetime. Not to dismiss that information, however the soul is not so contained. It does not have to follow the timeline we often think it does. It seems to jump as necessary, for the experience it/we desire (as the whole of oneself). Perhaps, an alternative life, is a better name, and we, as divine co-creators willingly participate and plan each lifetime helping to move the collective forward—and yet, at the same time leaving things unfinished in our human corporeal form. We, therefore, must circle back around again, with different names, bodies, and even genders unbeknownst to us, to conclude what was not understood—or completed; the unabridged story is still being written today. 

This story is about a beautiful relationship with a man and a woman, a piece of land, and something even less understood unfolding before our eyes. The earth continues on, remembering, but as humans we come and go in very short lives. Our Earthly corporeal experience is contained in that vast library we call the Akashic records. And, in our planning session, for our next journey to earth, we set things in place for our soul, and higher self to nudge our physical persona and create the venues and a most perfect scenario with all the drama, characters, situations, and scenes filled with potential, where we get to choose a replay, this time choosing a new more astute ending, or not. This is why somethings are unexplainable, and truth makes less sense than fiction; one is logical. The other is not. 

His name means “God is my judge.” So, is Daniel judging himself and his beloved? Or in this case, because we carry a piece of god inside, not judging, but reevaluating or resetting? While doing a Shamanic illumination on her I saw an eagle fly free—his wings freed, as the spirit of the majestic bird soared unencumbered. Was this a representation of his soul or hers? And, during a second session, “invisible” energies I described as “old spirit energies” were released. Beliefs? Points of view? Or Sacred Contracts? 

Could it be that these two people have reunited to finish the story in an enlightened arrangement that no time or space could define? How could we define such an experience? This is certainly not only a “3D” encounter, but one where multidimensional energies are entangled and are showing themselves again. Is this the unfinished business, that we call karma? 

Unfinished business that’s come back around—and this time the events end in LOVE in a way they couldn’t before. It has to be this way. Time is in a circle. There is no ending. There are only potentials. What will these two souls choose for this lifetime and for the next? One thing I know for sure, it’s got the energy and signature of LOVE. And, the eternalness of who we are know that fact. That’s why, nothing is random.

“Blessed are the Humans who look for unseen things that are intuitive

but not yet accepted into the reality of life. They will be rewarded with knowledge

and wisdom and will become the forerunners

of the newest sciences on the planet.”

About Cathrine Silver

Cathrine Silver, HC, AADP, is a Certified Holistic Health Coach in private practice in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida. She works collaboratively with clients on their desires regarding disease, relationships, spirituality, and loss. Suffering through her own loss in 2005, Cathrine motivates and empowers others to be the heroes in their own lives, becoming fully responsible for their own happiness, joy and well-being.

Cathrine holds a degree in Speech Communication from the University of Washington, is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and holds certifications in Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Hypnosis, Biological Decoding and Grief Counseling. She is the author of the book, Riding the Light Beam: How Any Woman Can Find the Hero Inside. (Website) (Blog) (email)

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