Getting dressed last week, I grabbed my hairbrush and looked into the mirror. With such clarity, I realized, that relationships in our lives were sent to us for our growth—lessons—and help. I think this has been accelerated even more in the last 50 or so years.

Yes, when we lived in rural communities, it seemed more about survival. And, throughout the years, growth occurred more with untimely deaths in childbirth or hardships. But, in recent modern history, most of us have places to live and enough food to eat. Yet, marriages don’t seem to last, and discord and dysfunction are behind most front doors. We probably don’t recognize it, until, of course, we do.

Are these scenarios we create and call-in teaching or giving the most important lesson of all? The relationship with ourselves?  Do we create vignettes to give us this opportunity for our individual growth? Are we being given the opportunity to set boundaries, or open our hearts? Is our growth more about trust after we have felt betrayed? Or could it be to release co-dependency? See ourselves as enough to be single and discover who we are? What are our likes, preferences and our joy? Is it about accepting ourselves, and loving who we are—flaws, imperfections that we judged about ourselves? Or our self-worth? I would say all this and more.

When we realize we are enough—complete and whole. When we realize that we can be our own best friend. When we drop the apparent neediness and know we are love, everything changes. When we recognize that we are part of the great I AM and feel that within our hearts, our happiness and joy increase. We have gratitude for life around us, for no one but us can truly give us the qualities we were born to have. Innately we connect to our souls—and know that there are no mistakes. We know that we are never alone. We know that we are here as Oneness. And we know that we are Love. When we embrace these qualities, we can laugh at fear, giggle and smile at doubt, and truly begin to live the life we have come to discover. And that “it”—our Light was there all along—inside ourselves.

About Cathrine Silver

Cathrine Silver, HC, AADP, is a Shaman, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, and intuitive in private practice in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida. She works collaboratively with clients on their desires regarding disease through a process called biological decoding. She writes about relationships, spirituality, and loss and help others through theirs.  Suffering through her own loss in 2005, Cathrine motivates and empowers others to be the heroes in their own lives, becoming fully responsible for their own happiness, joy and well-being.

Cathrine holds a degree in Speech Communication from the University of Washington, is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and holds certifications in Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Hypnosis, Biological Decoding and Grief Counseling. She is a Shamanic practitioner and is a Universal Life Church Minister.  Cathrine is the author of the book, Riding the Light Beam: How Any Woman Can Find the Hero Inside. (Website) (Blog) (email)

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