Another Birthday

Brunch at the Rendez-Vous French Bakery & Bistro 1576 East Oakland Park

Inspired to open DoreenVirtue’s numbers book this morning, I turned to 55:
“Buckle your seatbelt, as you’re going through (or about to go through) a major positive life change. It’s time to let go of that which is no longer working, and allow it to be healed or replaced with something better.”

Woo-hoo! Sounds like important words; something big? Words of guidance from my loving non- physical guides? A message I needed to hear? What does this mean? And, haven’t I spent years trying to heal myself in this linear time physical human experience? Advice that requires trust and faith that the unseen and divine is gently escorting me-connected to my soul, inner voice & intuition the magic carpet has no brakes or steering but the 12th, I turned 55, and I choose to believe the best is yet to come! I am ready for this ride. 🙂

“From this place of connectedness we understand that our deepest wish is to live more openly from the heart; and we also understand that saying yes to life means saying yes to everything–even the hard parts.”  — Ezra Bayda

What numbers have shown up in your life today? For those unfamiliar with numerology…

Numerology is one of the oldest sciences on the planet.  Numbers have an energy, alone or in combination and are part of a system.  Number-sequence interpretation is an easy way to receive messages.  Each number has a unique vibrational frequency relating directly to its meaning. As an example, if you see the number one (1) you might associate it with “new beginnings” –the most simple interpretation.  It would simply lie there and say, “I represent new beginnings, a starting point.”
History tells us this ancient wisdom dates back Hermes, Plato, and Pythagoras.  Pythagoras said that everything in the Universe is mathematically precise, and that each number has its own vibration, meaning and virtue.  The sacred mystical Jewish test of the Zohar (Kabbalah) discusses the power of the vibration from numbers and letters.  . . . So if we believe the ancients–and in the larger power of the unseen, we are continually guided.  And, if we can trust our intuition or inner voice that we are  part of a much larger system than we can conceptualize in our 3D human form, then “Numbers point out the importance of seeing heavenly messages three-dimensionally in order to show us the lessons, growth opportunities, and guidance contained within each experience.”

Have you noticed any numbers showing up for you?  Have you noticed any license plates, clocks, or number sequences while driving, at work or at home? Did you ever consider that these could be messages to ourselves? Numerology is validation at our core of what we already know, and it is designed on purpose and with intent.  Have you noticed a particular number lately?  What are the numbers trying to tell you?)  Sources: Michael Brill, Doreen Virtue, and Lee Carroll.



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