Food Trickery and Secrecy, What Is This All About? 

Why is there so much controversy on Missouri House Bill #1169? Funny thing, its purpose is asking only for transparency. It is all about product disclosures. Is that such a hard concept to understand or desire? Why the trickery? Don’t we have a right to know what we are eating? With the benefit of that transparent information, all get to make a choice whether we want to ingest food that has been injected with mRNA vaccines or not. Simple, right? I guess not.

If you have followed ANY of the back channels (Not censored: Suggestions are to try other search engines like Rumble, Telegram, Gettr, Bitchute, or sites such as Children’s Health Defense, or Vernon Coleman—“Old man in a chair”.) The “vaccines” are neither safe nor effective. As a matter of fact, they are not even “vaccines”, but “gene editing” technology which is untested. The entire purpose + agenda may have been to lead us down a bigger, even more evil, path. Don’t take my word, I’ll let you investigate that further and decide that for yourself. I encourage you to do all of your digging off the mainstream “state sponsored media”. 

Anyone notice death rates are skyrocketing among healthy athletes and younger folks with no cormorbidites? Former analyst for Blackrock, Edward Dowd has given sound data in regards to these numbers—supported by insurance analysts, and morticians. Disability numbers are up significantly, as are people who can’t report to work as never before. Kids are sick—the elderly dead. Birthrates are down. Still births and infertility up. Peter McCullough, MD, and many, many others have spoken out and suffered for it; others effectually silenced. And, NOW they want the mRNA in our FOOD without telling us? And without us knowing the long-term consequences. Why all the secrecy? 

In her book, Plague of Corruption, Dr. Judy Mikovitis explains the retrovirus problem, transferring pathogenic genes from mothers to infants. With This mRNA experimental technology seems to include problems with “viral shedding” which NO ONE truly understands, but is quite concerning and raises huge red flags about possible consequences. 

So, it’s time for WE the consumers to speak out. Maybe that’s what terrifies Big Ag and Big Pharma so? We don’t want their tainted meat. Or will this be the means to push us toward Bill Gates’ FAKE-CHEMICAL- MADE-TO-LOOK-LIKE-MEAT when the cows start suddenly dying, too?  Will it make more men and women infertile and add to the eugenics agenda? Or increase chronic disease which will create more profits for Big Pharma at our expense? Or continue to depopulate the world when so many suddenly drop dead? 

Attorney Tom Renz is an outspoken opponent of this hidden agenda of injecting the animals we consume with mRNA technology. The people of Springfield, MO,. are concerned, too. They have paid and placed billboards to alert others to what’s happening in their legislature. Tom Renz is standing up to the powerful Lobbyists. The Cattleman’s association has been suspiciously silent.  

Below, I am sharing a letter I sent to Costco. They seem to be their own enterprise. They must keep their membership base happy. Use it as a template if you choose. Reach out to your local food chain. Or contact your state legislator. Speak up. We have an obligation to stop this in its tracks. 

Sample Letter:

Costco Corporate Office 

999 Lake Drive NE, 

Issaquah, WA 98027-2030

Dear Costco Shakers, Movers and Decision Makers,

Everything seems a long way off and no concern to the consumer or wholesaler until one day it isn’t. That concern is the purpose of this letter. 

First, let me say, I have been a member of Costco on and off over the years. It was one of my Mother’s favorite stores, as well as my sisters. Over the years, Costco appears to provide a very high quality of merchandise and excellent products. I love your organic hamburger, New York Strip Steaks, World Cheeses and coffee. I appreciate your buyers’ attention to detail and quality that you sell in your stores.  Most important for me and many of my family and friends is your trend towards organic and more health affirming food options. This has increased our loyalty towards Costco considerably. Thank you!

It is from this foundation that I bring this urgent concern to you. It was recently reported by several sources (included at the end of this letter) that mRNA has been injected into swine/pigs for the last five years. We now know there has been a corporate take-over of the pork industry forcing most small farmers out of business or to the sidelines. I don’t believe this is an accident. I also don’t believe it was an accident to keep the mRNA information quiet and essentially hidden from public view. Dr. Mercola reported it on 4/10/2023 in his daily newsletter. A surprise even to him. 

The urgency of this situation is now even more critical, as more and more data continue to spill out regarding the EXPERIMENTAL mRNA INJECTIONS FOR COVID-19, THAT HAVE LEFT MANY ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND THE WORLD DEAD, DISABLED AND INJURED. I believe we are being forced to embrace a technology that we know little about, and even less regarding long term consequences on human health and future generations. 

Therefore, I am asking for your position regarding this “new idea” of injecting gene altering mRNA technology into nutritious whole foods—forever altering them the way the good Lord designed them to be. 

At the moment, this mRNA process is being forced upon the unaware populations of the world. As you know there have been many mistakes made in the name of progress. Let’s not have this be one of them.

Costco is a huge worldwide organization that can potentially have a beneficial effect in stopping this dangerous idea being hatched by the global elites. (including one in your back yard named Bill Gates!) I grew up in Bellevue. As an holistic health counselor, I appreciate how careful we must be in recommending anything to our clients . . .

I know voting with our dollars is an important deterrent to supporting new technologies or not. We know too little about this mRNA technology to assure the safety and long-term effects in animals and humans—and fruits and vegetables. Please look over the information provided. I look forward to your response.

In appreciation for your attention and action in the matter,

Cathrine Silver, BA, HC, AADP

Resources for information:

Tom Renz-Serreptitious Insertion of mRNA Could Be in the U.S. Food Supply RIGHT NOW. Dated April 13, 2023

Eat Your Vaccines: mRNA Gene Therapy is Coming to the Food Supply THIS MONTH – DailyClout Dated: April 14, 2023

Dr. Mercola Subject: The Meat is a Nightmare, Is it altering Your Genes? Dated April 10, 2023

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Cathrine Silver, BA, HC, AADP, is a Shaman, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, and intuitive in private practice in Boca Raton, Florida. She works collaboratively with clients on their desires regarding disease through a process called biological decoding. She writes about relationships, spirituality, and loss and help others through theirs.  Suffering through her own loss in 2005, Cathrine motivates and empowers others to be the heroes in their own lives, becoming fully responsible for their own happiness, joy and well-being.

Cathrine holds a degree in Speech Communication from the University of Washington, is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and holds certifications in Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Hypnosis, Biological Decoding and Grief Counseling and is a Shamanic practitioner.  She is the author of the book, Riding the Light Beam: How Any Woman Can Find the Hero Inside. (Website) (Blog) (email)

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