Today I get to be pampered

Serenity and Freshness

Plumeria often found planted around Asian temples and honored by the Buddhists

I can only speak for myself, but in the past I often felt guilty of what I consider luxury indulgences. Today was no acceptation,  but I justified it was my ‘birthday month’ and was reminded by another passing year that I must take care of my skin and therefore made an appointment for a facial.

Almost an hour and a half of attention devoted to me, I sunk into the meditative atmosphere that filled the room; dark, quiet and soothing. Tranquilizing music played softly in the background easily transporting me to another dimension–that place of no-time, allowing me to forget about the burdens and weight of the world we all feel at times.  (No wonder Atlas Shrugged)
Beautiful Carlota  has done this for 25 years.  Her work is her passion and she is caring and nurturing. A Cancer herself,  lavishes her patrons with her enthusiasm and expertise, suggesting extras which she generously includes in her nominal price.  Her service compares with the finest luxurious spas of which I have experienced!

My skin seemed to glow as I looked in the mirror trying to brush it back into something acceptable for public viewing. I felt calm and relaxed. Life was good I reminded myself.  Maybe, this is not the extreme luxury I had categorized it to be.   Something can be said by the way I felt walking out, as I gave Carlota a big goodbye hug. Yes, I will have to do this again.

If you want to make an appointment for yourself, Carlota (Esthetician & massage therapist) can be reached at 561-347-2972 .  Her specialty includes: Bio-Energy massages, lymphatic drainage and facials.

Remember “Energy is everything”. Carlota’s bio-energy massages begin with the belief that the body is energy.  This energy emanates from the “mind” and explains the importance of the mind-body connection.  Because of the constant stress in our lives, this energy can get blocked. Carlota uses subtle energy techniques to free these blockages– which to you feel as calming, relaxing and renewed. Unfortunately, lymphatic drainage is usually necessary after surgery, as the lymph glands are often removed by the doctors as “unnecessary”.  This is most commonly done with breast cancer.  The lymph glands are there to rid your body of toxins.  However, without the body’s lymph glands, fluid accumulates and a specialized massage is often necessary to encourage movement to remove the swelling and the excess accumulation of fluids

Carlotta is certified in this specialized massage technique.

“It’s not important what others think of you, but it’s very important what you think of yourself.”
–The Zen Book

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Be well…

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