Caution Ahead-Pesticides on Produce

The average conventionally grown apple has 20-30 artificial chemicals on its skin, even after rinsing!

We teach our children to look both ways before they cross the street, insist they wear seat belts and know if we drive using good judgment, we are less likely to have a problem. Logically, the same could be said about food.  So why would we feed our kids poisonous food? Below, the “Pesticide Residue Alert”. Just like a yellow traffic sign warns us to be cautious–potential danger ahead–while driving, these “signs” give us options when we shop for our fruits and vegetables.

Think of Organic as Health “Assurance”

Produce with the Most Residues – In order from Most Contaminated  

1.    Apples                                                  7. Grapes
2.    Celery                                                   8. Sweet Bell Peppers
3.    Strawberries                                       9. Potatoes
4.    Peaches                                             10. Blueberries (domestic)
5.    Spinach                                              11. Lettuce
6.    Nectarines (imported)                12. Kale/Collard Greens

Produce with the Lowest Levels of Residues – In Order from Least Contaminated
1.    Onions                                          9.  Cantaloupe (domestic)
2.    Corn                                            10.  Kiwis
3.    Pineapple                                  11.   Cabbage
4.    Avocado                                    12.   Watermelon
5.    Asparagus                                 13.   Sweet Potatoes
6.    Sweet Peas                               14.   Grapefruit
7.    Mangoes                                   15.   Mushrooms
8.    Eggplant

Delicious Organic Apples–oh what a feeling!

Experience the energetic nature of Organic food. More favorable? Notice how you feel.  More vital?   Maybe just to make the choice to buy Organic apples for your kids to eat . . . and slowly begin to incorporate the rest as budget allows.  It is an investment in you; a long-term lifestyle choice.  The journey  of a thousand miles, begins with one step–yours.

“Observing ourselves does not require thinking, or judging, or analyzing.  It only requires observing.” Saying Yes to Life

Be Well,


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