What Colors are on Your Canvas today?

Painting on Canvas 5Why are some days tougher than others? Nothing really has changed, but I feel everything has. Like a tortured artist sitting beneath his canvas struggling to get others to understand his work or his life. The artist who toils for years, developing his technique appreciated by some, but passed by most on the street. Passed by as odd and not understood by the masses who fail to notice the gifted painter on the lonely street corner-as-he struggles to survive; his soul and heart directing the integrity, honor and passion of his craft.
Is this where we all find ourselves at times?  The weather forecast of life? Sometimes a humid and sultry day, another cold, cloudy and blustery, struggling to keep the chill at bay . Or do we liken ourselves closer to the seasons of the year? Winter for a week or more . . .  to be followed by summer, autumn and spring–only to be mixed back up once again in a unpredictable order, not following any linear direction, or one we can control or even understand?
The life boat is rocked by many storms–who falls out and who survives the rocky and turbulent seas for another and another and another storm? Are these events and life challenges dictated by our higher self or soul, remembered and recorded indelibly burnt like branding irons on our psyche, etched for eternity and something we have nicknamed wisdom for lack of truer understanding?
And, tomorrow, will that bring the sun back and fair sky?  Our life boat calmly floating and being gently carried by the tides; the artist once again content following his silent colorful melody, which only he can hear.

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  1. Loved this piece

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