When You Just Don’t Feel Like Exercising . . .

Exercise, movement, physical activity or fitness. Whatever you choose to call it, some days are tougher than others.  Motivating ourselves to do the right thing can be a challenge some days. So, how do we get past our resistance?

First, acknowledge we all have days like this.  A spontaneous discussion after class with my yoga instructor last week revealed something similar: the exact same class, movement, and poses were easier some days than others for him. Lets call it human nature.  I don’t know if it is  tied to the moon, our bio-rhythms, stress or energy levels, but it’s important to find ways to get past it.

How do we convince ourselves to get moving when our job is weighing on our minds–our kids have soccer practice or we’re fighting a virus or boredom and the motivation that is usually there seems to have taken a leave of absence?

I share these thoughts as I fight to get out and do something; it is how I am feeling today.  I have a cold–nothing serious but my energy level is definitely waning. I’m afraid the cold is winning.  My friend Keary’s  kids have soccer practice and Wendy is frustrated with her latest job.  A common  scenario? Our reasons are all valid and convincing for not exercising.

I know I always feel better after my trip to the gym or a walk. The outdoors make me feel refreshed and renewed; especially this time a year in south Florida. The endorphins and the negative ions circulate wellness to my being.  I could choose to walk the treadmill or pedal the bike, a variation from my almost daily elliptical tete-a-tete.  What about a spontaneous dance or step class? What made me feel good as a kid? Could I get out on my bike, or jump in the pool for a swim? Maybe a reward? A feel good massage, a facial or another form of pampering? What about treating myself to a pedicure or a new spring work-out top?  A few sessions with a personal trainer, perhaps? My friend Debbie, suggests belly dancing! If  that sounds fun, let the inner-child out to play!  The reward is worth the fight.  Anything that can get us out of our routine and stimulate our desire and motivation encouraging  us towards some sort of daily fitness– does a body–and attitude good! But sometimes, it’s just nice knowing, we’re not alone!

Keary has decided to walk the grass soccer field while her kids run its length chasing that white and black ball. Wendy and I decide to go for a nice long walk. Debbie loves her tennis!   What will it be for you?

“Inspired wellness within

Cathy Silver, HC


What Colors are on Your Canvas today?

Painting on Canvas 5Why are some days tougher than others? Nothing really has changed, but I feel everything has. Like a tortured artist sitting beneath his canvas struggling to get others to understand his work or his life. The artist who toils for years, developing his technique appreciated by some, but passed by most on the street. Passed by as odd and not understood by the masses who fail to notice the gifted painter on the lonely street corner-as-he struggles to survive; his soul and heart directing the integrity, honor and passion of his craft.
Is this where we all find ourselves at times?  The weather forecast of life? Sometimes a humid and sultry day, another cold, cloudy and blustery, struggling to keep the chill at bay . Or do we liken ourselves closer to the seasons of the year? Winter for a week or more . . .  to be followed by summer, autumn and spring–only to be mixed back up once again in a unpredictable order, not following any linear direction, or one we can control or even understand?
The life boat is rocked by many storms–who falls out and who survives the rocky and turbulent seas for another and another and another storm? Are these events and life challenges dictated by our higher self or soul, remembered and recorded indelibly burnt like branding irons on our psyche, etched for eternity and something we have nicknamed wisdom for lack of truer understanding?
And, tomorrow, will that bring the sun back and fair sky?  Our life boat calmly floating and being gently carried by the tides; the artist once again content following his silent colorful melody, which only he can hear.

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