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On my way home–I stopped to capture the day!

The friendship began unexpectedly, but the magic was there all the time. Some where along that ride I realized the familiar relationship had grown. With the wind blowing against me and the sun on my face I peddled hard, breathing in the salty sea air and listening to the strong waves breaking along the beach—the sand barely visible from my vantage point as I peddled A1A. I had the option of the usual: my dependable car, or my bike. This morning I chose my bicycle; dodging orange and white road construction barriers and traffic, I held to the white markings which designated my lane.

There was a certain freedom I felt when I climbed aboard my silver steed. Uniquely the comradely had been building over the past four months and lately brought back memories of shared adventures aboard my very real horse; that strong heartfelt companionship of my chestnut mare so many years ago.

Instead of the clip-clop of hooves as we walked placidly together along the asphalt, it was the soft winding sound which emanated from the black steel gear-wheel and linked chain’s forward motion as it  circled around the circumference completing its rotation propelled by my determined quadriceps and hamstrings.

These days, I was the one exerting the physical effort not her, as the breeze forced me to peddle harder slowing my speed considerably in spite of working harder. My leg muscles called out.  My mind wandered.

Without the customary rack, I was forced to chain my bike to different Palm  trees in the hot sun.  Was this the birth of our relationship I wondered? Years ago, I securely looped the leather reins around the metal railing which served as sort of a modern hitching post running into a near-by Kmart for something to eat. Today, however, it was quite the opposite as I used a living tree for my technically inanimate object; worried when I walked away, would my silver steed be alright?

It’s funny how we attach, personify and build relationships with and to certain things. Surprisingly, my bike is my companion when I choose errands, meet friends for lunch or a quick trip to Whole Foods or local farmers market. I enjoy combining the exercise with being outdoors, and there is something satisfying about not always having to depend on my car. I have my bike routes and my car routes. Each offers its own advantage. Often hurried in my car, I select a different mind set when I swing my leg over the seat of my two wheel silver urban horse. There is a different pace and freedom that somehow brings solitude and peace when I peddle along in my own world and orchestrated break from the usual craziness of today’s hurried rat race. On my bike freedom really is a state of mind.

“Inspired wellness from within”

Cathy Silver, HCBike 2

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