Celebrating Our Individuality

The other day, sitting outside having a quick cup of coffee with a friend of mine—I glanced across the fence. It was windy—and I watched this particular coconut palm sway in the wind. I thought to myself, how genius is Mother Nature’s ability to have “specialized” trees, flowers, vegetables, animals, and insects, etc, etc. which are adapted to a distinct climate or habitat; the large feather-like leaves are called fronds perfect for withstanding the tropical hurricanes and intense rain. The spiral arrangement of its wood fibers makes it a tree of unusual suppleness and strength. And then I realized that we are too! The coconut palm was certainly a metaphor for us and our individuality. We all have the ability of great inner strength and the ability to withstand great storms when we know we are enough and own our worthiness and love ourselves.

Oh, it may not be where we live anymore, like the palm of South Florida, for we are a global village, but instead, at the heart of our passions, our talents, our desires, and our purpose is something we have been gifted with at birth; we are special.  What is our gift that we bring to the world? As Victoria Moran, author of Living a Charmed Life notes, we all have a free spot that we were born with; something that we are just naturally good at—without even thinking. The talent of a musician, a writer, the artist, an athlete, an entertainer,—the rebel, a cook, a gardener—a mechanic, the mathematician, or the teacher— that one talent or way of being that was born inside us—begging to be set free!

With the belief and philosophy that we are forever and eternal, we carry a certain remembrance deeply hidden in our Akashic record—contained as the “spiritual” marker, reminder, and puzzle piece in our DNA. The nudges we receive may not have a conscious awareness as to why, but they push us to who we’re meant to be when we open the door and follow our heart. That old heart of ours seems to carry the magnetic signals and multidimensional clues which pull us in certain directions when the timing is right. This also means, honoring us and all our authenticity in spite of perhaps falling outside the drift of mainstream memes and beliefs.

What caught my attention lately—has been the ads that push us to be or to look or to dress like someone else, as in “get Megan’s look”. Why aren’t we encouraged to develop a style of our own? In my own life, I have never really fit into mainstream. There is a certain invisible drum and beat that has always guided me. For example, I normally wear two different earrings everyday. I drive cross country alone. My circle of friends is wide and diverse. I like to explore unconventional ideas, and others’ points of view as long as they allow me to do the same. I have a certain allowance, tolerance and respect for new ideas, as long as they are not harmful or hateful. I ask, “Not why, but why not?”

Although we may each look a bit different, we are a mix of disguised earth angels—each of us carrying our divinity inside; volunteered to be here in this test of energy on the planet of free choice.  I know this divinity is not in some of us, but it is in all of us. I think it’s time to honor each person—rich or poor, black, white or somewhere in between. We are citizens of the Cosmos. We need to honor individuality. To honor how “they” honor god—and not insist it has to be “my” way. It’s time to bring the good, the light and the love to the forefront and break out of the belief of rightness and homogeneous container that says essentially—we all have to believe, act and look alike. We’re not a school of fish. Who decided that?

We each have a free spot that we were born with, just like on the BINGO card. It is waiting to express itself—just like the apple tree, the avocado seed or the Douglas Fir. 

How is it that you want to break out of your box and celebrate you? What cosmic breadcrumb has been laid down for you to find? What is your gift that the world is waiting to receive? Celebrate the gift you bring to the world each day. 

I know the world is waiting for your greatness to shine—let out your Light for the world to see—we need it now more than ever. Celebrate the great I AM. 


About Cathrine Silver

Cathrine Silver, HC, AADP, is a Certified Holistic Health Coach in private practice in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida. She works collaboratively with clients on their desires regarding disease, relationships, spirituality, and loss. Suffering through her own loss in 2005, Cathrine motivates and empowers others to be the heroes in their own lives, becoming fully responsible for their own happiness, joy and well-being.

Cathrine holds a degree in Speech Communication from the University of Washington, is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and holds certifications in Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Hypnosis, Biological Decoding and Grief Counseling. She is the author of the book, Riding the Light Beam: How Any Woman Can Find the Hero Inside.

www.Cathrinesilver.com (Website)

www.cathysilver.me (Blog)

cathysilverhealth@gmail.com (email)

Cathy Silver Holistic Healing (Facebook)


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