Another Look

“Whenever the intelligent part of humanity is suppressed, and rulers demand unquestioning obedience from an uninformed population, you can be sure something nefarious is at work.” ~David Sörensen

I googled the worst villains in animated form. You may have your own list, but the Joker popped up. So did Scarlet Overkill and Bill Cipher from SpongeBob Squarepants movie fame, “Gravity Falls”. Apparently this last villain can transcend dimensions, pause time, take over someone’s body, turn people into chairs, turn people into stone and bend anything to his will.  His only limitation is you have to make a deal with him! Oh, is that where we’ve been captured and held these last three years!? Stuck in a reality I scarcely recognize. Have most been turned into chairs? Or with noticeably lack of critical thinking skills, stone? I get it now!

A few years back, I began to realize that there was another agenda at play. This was a position that was painfully hard to acknowledge. How could, I reasoned, this small group of unelected self-appointed elite “volunteers” insist on their right to ‘play God’? And, who have they blackmailed and threatened to play on Team Dark with them? Thankfully, the energy has shifted a little more and the world is slowly awakening to this evil which goes by many names: The Cabal, Illuminati, Mr. Global, medical cartels (Big Pharma) or financial mafia aka central bankers. There may be other names too. I’m sure you have your favorite. This after all is not bad writing, a horrible screen play or bad acting in some Hollywood B movie. This is the shift of humanity and we’re witnesses to this premeditated horror show. Notice any SADS lately? (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)

Thankfully, many have taken notice. Things are just not right!  I believe we, as a global population, have finally begun to awaken from our unconscious slumber. And, it isn’t pretty. This other agenda of the few to seemingly control and dominate our world by their vision, their values, and their reality could easily be named “Attempted World Domination”; it goes against our birthright for individual sovereignty as souls. We are not here to be their slaves.

We must all take part in the pushback. We must be the resistance army. If you haven’t heard, the agenda for our soul comes with a huge red flag when we talk about “The Great Reset”,  according to Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and others’ of that ilk whose vision includes digital passports, digital currency, digital health status dictated by your willingness to be jabbed and survive per their wishes and tied to social credits, which allow you to travel or even buy groceries.  What a scary thought! Theses are the things of night terrors and bad dreams in a world where we exist like that! As a matter of fact, glance to the Chinese society right now! Help me Mr. Wizard! 

Did you know, there’s a war on doctors who give “misinformation” or truly speak out against the lies and narrative? (CA Assembly Bill 2098) Essentially doctors are not allowed to practice medicine. Airline pilots are injured. Professional athletes are dropping dead. There is no investigation into these mandated jabs by the FAA or by the NIH, HHS or CDC. And the vagueness surrounding all those sudden deaths. . . .  La, la, la, la la. (Put your fingers in your ears.) This isn’t rocket science folks. 

No one with any official capacity wants to find out why. Yet, embalmers are finding ‘huge strands of strange clots’ in those who have died and have been jabbed! These clots are Not in the unvaccinated, oh btw. Cancers are returning at an accelerated rate. And the disability claims are sharply up in the working age range since 2021. Insurance actuaries are revealing just how lethal the jabs are with a significant increase of death benefit claims. Now why would that be? This data certainly tells another story beyond the ™ “Safe and Effective” of the talking paid-off media and so called fact checkers. I call Bull shit!

I know there is much more. I bring this up because the mainstream news refuses to. I invite you to look beyond what the TV talking heads tell you and connect the dots for yourself. Alliance for Natural Health and Organic Consumers Association are great sources for off-trail news about our food. Telegram, and duckduckgo may give you more of the truth than anything you can find on Google. Russell Brand and J.P. Sears lead off in a humorous, pointed, and often poignant way for discovery of the current world events. The 30 years history of the Childrens Health Defense Newsletter is a good authority for what’s happening on a variety of topics. Del Bigtree from the Highwire is excellent reference and brings well researched stories. Check out Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, Edward Dowd, Steve Kirsch, Jeff Childress or Clif High (on Substack) and others who continue to bring important facts and data forward that does not match Team Dark’s goal or agenda. Imagine that! 

It’s time to take deeper look! No more deals! No more hiding. The elite are not as powerful as they want us to believe. Remember the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz?  Their weakness is our Truth. Their only weapon is our fear.  Their MO is to stay hidden while pulling the strings of manipulation and control. It is a page out of the old playbook. Let’s make our voices heard. Let’s shine our Light so brightly that Team Dark will run. The more we uncover, and band together, the faster we move into the Light and a world where we can truly ‘Live As One’, just as John Lennon sang in 1971 in his song, Imagine.  Climb aboard and dream our new world into being. And, just maybe these real life villains can be turned into stone?

About Cathrine Silver

Cathrine Silver, HC, AADP, is a Shaman, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, and intuitive in private practice in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida. She works collaboratively with clients on their desires regarding disease through a process called biological decoding. She writes about relationships, spirituality, and loss and help others through theirs.  Suffering through her own loss in 2005, Cathrine motivates and empowers others to be the heroes in their own lives, becoming fully responsible for their own happiness, joy and well-being.

Cathrine holds a degree in Speech Communication from the University of Washington, is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and holds certifications in Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Hypnosis, Biological Decoding and Grief Counseling and is a Shamanic practitioner.  She is the author of the book, Riding the Light Beam: How Any Woman Can Find the Hero Inside. (Website) (Blog) (email)

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Cathy Silver, HC@CSilverWellness (Twitter)

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