Attending to Your Foot Chakra’s

Randy places a tuning fork on recent client’s foot

Earlier this summer I found myself sitting under a beautiful majestic mango tree, pant legs rolled high, and feet submerged to the calf in a warm water Japanese foot spa, soaking.  My feet resting upon  smooth river rocks and a few high vibrating crystals engaged in conversation and connecting with Randy, introduced to me as “The Foot Whisperer.”

How do I begin to describe foot whispering? Foot what, you say? You know foot fetishes, foot-ball and foot locker–but as healing modality, chakras, mind-body medicine, and energy blockages?

The story begins when East meets West. “Chakra” is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. Chakra’s relate directly to the energy centers within our body, and still a mystery to medical science today.

But I was there for the experience. I noticed Randy’s skill and intuition tapping into subtle energies. I know the human body is like a map really,  with key points.  When pressed can stimulate the body’s natural healing and self curative abilities as it is designed to be self-healing.   One of the minor chakras, ” The foot chakra is a vital energy center and here that Divine energy returns back to its source.” Today, we are often cut off from that source; important divine connections with Mother Earth. We wear shoes, walk upon asphalt, and concrete. Our houses elevated and separated from the subtle vibrations which emanate out of the earth. We are inner-active with the earth and the earth with us, but today it is missing in most of our lives. We need to be aware.  ” Heart rhythm connection to the Earth is definitely becoming more “present”, more enlivened and more aware of what’s needing to be done,” Declares Randy.  The Chakra system is the most important system in the human body. When you are feeling happy and things are going well, these main centers of energy are resonating and vibrating at an optimal level. When things start to go wrong and you are overly stressed, these energy centers start to shut down slowly. When these energy centers shut down, you may be prone to illness.

So, once I had fully soaked my feet, Randy began to read the energy. He can tell if you have had antibiotics, your overall circulation, and whether you have uric acid crystal formations in your feet for example. Crystal Resonation* at the feet is both a practical and useful way to perceive energy movement in the chakra system at the actual base chakra. A tuning fork is often placed on the foot chakra to create movement and begin to free those energetic “blocks”.

Just as many ancient wisdom’s have merit at their roots inherited from the Eastern cultures and philosophies, this contemporary Shaman believes “The heart Chakra will be the new root chakra and things are starting to proceed from the heart.” Randy’s special interest is in balance and movement disorders including the serious dis-ease of Parkinson’s and non-surgical options for bunion sufferers!  To reach Randy for your own personal foot whispering session, his email is: And, until you do, try to rest your feet upon the earth–wherever you live! The Earth’s subtle energies does a body good. And as for my foot session; pleasant, therapeutic and healing!

Be well,


*As our body is a sea of energy, the right form of crystal interaction at the appropriate instance can greatly enhance coherent synaptic function.

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