Do I see ghosts?

I climbed aboard the ecliptic exerciser this morning located on the upstairs level at the gym.  Within minutes, another gentleman took the recently vacated empty machine next to mine.  Each lost in our own thoughts, I peddled on with my familiar routine.  I cast my eyes over to notice and ponder the large bottle of Evian nestled in the grey plastic beverage holder.

How interesting I mused as I stared at the cost of that water. My choice, as a self designated water connoisseur and health advocate, was one that required a bit more technology & health benefits than was available by simple marketing, or implied lifestyle.   Bottled waters including Evian were outdated. Now, hold on, what did you say??

I’m sure you know  first lie parents tell their children. You know,  Santa Claus? When you believe in Santa, no amount of pleading, petitioning, or praying can convince someone ( usually your younger sibling) otherwise.  Until one day, your younger brother or sister’s beliefs begin to change–and they question the whole Santa Claus fable. Are we, as a society, hanging onto false ‘truths’ about the water we consume, mislead by the media, well paid celebrities,  and misleading propaganda much the same as a young child’s belief about the overweight senior in the fire engine red suit?

The clairvoyant is able to see objects beyond the range of natural vision.  Is it so difficult to accept that new technologies can bring benefits to water which truly support our health? Is it believable that we can build a better mousetrap? Is this a vision to which many cannot see? I truly look forward when mainstream is able to “hear” the virtues and see the benefits that I see and not succumb to the likable fear-based quick fix solutions Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson or Merck seem to offer.   Weather our choice involves picking non-GMO organic food,  stress relieving physical activity, creative enriching professions and healthy relationships or drinking the best water, we must assume responsibility and choose new ideas that support our wellness.   We can begin today to make simple choices that make the most sense and are the easiest to incorporate for our rushed and busy lives; and the water we drink is certainly one!

Healthy water suggestions:

*Water should be alkaline in pH (8.5-9.5).  This helps bring our body into balance.
* Water should have a anti-oxidant value, meaning a negative ORP. ( This makes the water anti-aging as it is neutralizing free radicals.)
* Water should be small hexagonal’ structure water clusters to properly hydrate and remove toxins from our cells/body.
* Water should be clean, refreshing & tastes great.
*Avoid plastic bottles. They are shown to leach chemicals into our body and pollute Mother Earth.
*Have an open mind and an open mouth–Drink alkaline, ionized micro clustered water daily.

The wonderful thing is you can make you healthy water.
” To enjoy good health we must understand and comply with the lesson nature teaches us–Balance.  Ionized water plays a significant role in restoring the oxidation-reduction balance. ”  –Dr. Tim McKnight, MD

“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”




The best alkaline-ionized mineral rich hydrating water

Make your own for a fraction of what you pay for inferior bottled water

A Little About Me

Me, with my boys, David and Joshua

Truly a “kodak” Moment . . . me with my boys Joshua (R) and David (L). 🙂

Ok, let me back up a bit and return to a introduction–of me.  This introduction is not within the pages of a  New York Times best seller, or a favorite hardcover, or even an ebook. It  is a personal glimpse into who I am, what I’m about, what ‘s important to me and why.

It is easy for me to describe a friend, but when asked to describe myself,  I freeze, I don’t know what to say.  What do others want to know? This introduction or profile reminds me of the new kid at school and something that goes way beyond–“what’s your major” and “where do you live?” LOL

What about descriptions like: female, old soul, cancer sun sign, (June 21-July 22)  scholar, Kappa, athlete, foodie, Mother, water lady, kind, caring, passionate,  eternal,  energy, and Leader.  Is this me? This and more.

My passion for health and wellness lead me to the miracles in alkaline-ionized micro-clustered mineral rich water which brings our body into balance and creates true health. Which lead me  to dig deeper and to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which you will hear about more in the future!  I began Monday, July 16th. 🙂

But before that, I was an athlete in high school, my proudest moment winning the state basketball tournament as captain of our team.  Then playing for the University of Washington.  Go Huskies! But did this form my desire as an advocate for true health and wellness.? Graduating from the University with a degree in Speech-Communication and immediately going to work for Pfizer–hum?…

Well that certainly gave me a education into Big Pharma.

I nursed both my children, believing natural was better. I subscribed to “Eating  Well” and “Cooking  Light”.   My Prized Gourmet magazines taking a backseat for ideas that supported that strong maternal desire for healthy children!  I invested in my first water system in 1983, fenced our small military back yard to keep my boys safe, and  was continually looking for that proactive movement needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Deep inside my soul, there has always been a desire to find the truth and a better–more holistic way to live.  Yes, we can live well, simply and have it all.  I marched to a different drum, always guided  by intuition and inner voice.  I know now that I am here to participate in the paradigm shift. My astrologer Brenda says that I am an original, out-of-the-box, no boundaries creative gal.  Because of Jupiter ( our philosophy in life or what we’re interested in ) is in Virgo and Virgo is HEALTH.  So, at my core I am interested in helping others be healthy and she says, ” ahead of my time.” And, something that helps mankind; to nurture the world!

Michael Brill, brilliant Cosmic numerologist says I am a 9. The “9” he writes, works to raise the level of self-awareness on the planet, this person is selfless, loves unconditionally, and is compassionate.  My horoscope also tells me I am ruled by the moon; the Mother of the zodiac; nurturer extraordinaire. Cancers are the home and family builders.  The Michael Teaching  tells me I am a scholar (my “primary  beingness”) and I have “an insatiable thirst and curiosity for new information and experience”. I am curious, honest, truthful, comprehensive, diligent, thorough, unassuming, methodical and thoughtful. Wow . . .

But no matter what, I have a voice and something to say and I will share it with you here! I hope it will enlighten and enhance life. And as I come across cool new stuff and healthy choices, I will share that too!

Love and light, and to our health,


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