Why Not A celebration of the ‘Wise Divine Feminine’ Instead of Just “Mother’s Day”?

Creativity 11“I am woman hear me roar–in numbers too big to ignore and I know too much to go back and pretend, ’cause I’ve heard it all before and I’ve been down there on the floor and no one’s ever gonna keep me down again” . . . This Sunday, the elusive holiday of Mother’s Day is upon us. Although, I have two sons, and am a mother in the traditional sense and definition, it seems too limiting today.  Do I dare ask, have we outgrown the definition or perhaps can we be open to a wider definition and perception of “Mother”?  Is the idea of “Mother” broader and harder to define than just those who have given physical birth or are raising children?  Is it possible to expand this yearly observance to all women and in a sense honoring “The Wisdom of the Feminine Divine”?

Whether or not we give birth to a soul returning to earth in a new expression, the energy of the Mother is powerful.  All women as the vessels we are bring fourth innate wisdom, original creativity birthing new ideas and are able to lend our strength and leadership which has the ability to connect families, villages and organizations manifesting and completing the circle in ways of unique kinship and spark; glue that binds.  And when done with astuteness brings a gentleness to balance the masculine divine, each with complementing purpose and energy.

The feminine healing energy of the Mother extends beyond the classic boundaries. Some women choose not to have children this life time–others cannot–all within the divine plan and perfection.   Perhaps choosing instead to teach school to the little ones or care and bring nurturing energies to elders, or hospitalized patients. There are powerful healers, some who rescue and care for animals; large and small.  Or what about those creative forces which give way to new projects and creative ideas and impact our world with new thoughts and ways of being?  We celebrate such historical mythical figures and archetypes like the High Priestess, courageous Athena,  the goddess Venus, the powerful Kali, sensitive White Tara, creative Sarasvati-or even the healing White Buffalo Woman.  These perhaps are the energies within the walls of corporations, Wall Street and the science of science and medicine.

We all have unique attributes that we bring to the planet Mother Earth to whom we know as Gaia.  Each woman carries love, excitement, joy, gratitude and the possibility of expansion in all things.  We hold a light that nothing can deter.  Celebrate you and all you do for the world.

As Helen Reddy sang so eloquently in the 70’s . . . “Oh yes I am wise, but it’s wisdom born of pain. Yes, I’ve paid the price but look how much I gained. If I have to I can face anything. I am strong.  I am invincible.  I am woman”.

Happy Mother’s Day to your wise, divine, feminine you.

“Inspired Wellness from Within”  
Love and Light,

Cathy Silver, HC AADP
Wellness Warrior
Energies of Healing, LLC

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