Salon M

Chere hard at work on my hair!

The Salon is in Coconut Grove.
3098 Fuller St.
Miami, FL 33133

Darkening roots, unmanageable hair. It was time once again to see my friend and very talented hairstylist, Chere, extraordinaire. In spite of close to gridlock traffic surrounding the ever continuing road construction (sigh) and the hour+ drive south, I was excited to have my hair coiffed, shaped and highlighted. Once revitalization was complete, I always felt like a million dollars; sexy and ready to take on the world. Bouncing into the salon late from the snarled freeway mess, Chere was already hard at work with her first client. I kissed her on the cheek, hello.
“I found a gym, I am spinning” she gushed, excited as her face formed a big smile. Instinctively, I congratulated her and smiled back. I want to hear all about your new gym I said, as she pointed for me to don the familiar black salon smock in preparation.
Settling in to her chair we chatted, catching up on our lives and how things had been going since my last visit months before.
You know, I am exercising because of you she beamed. Me, I said? Your example and your enthusiasm, she mused. I was speechless for a moment. Yes, I reflected.
Many times I had encouraged her to workout; she knew the benefits. For me my daily workout is a lifestyle choice; brushing my teeth is another. When I miss a day, there is something lost–and I guess I showed up that way each time I sat in her chair. My motto: lead by example.
It was a terrific day, but what pleased me most was Chere’s commitment to herself, and her own well-being. She seemed happier, more energetic and slimmer. I felt good as I headed to find my car. The gym is a tough leap sometimes, and it takes commitment, but she had done it! We both felt good. As I pulled out of the parking lot I thought, Chere, “You Rock; Keep up the good work!”

Be Well,

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