Treasure Hunting

Reef belowI’m not really sure how deliberate synchronization materializes for swimmers as they bend and sway with each other in unison. A choreographed underwater dance, but I imagined it feels and looks quite similar as I observed the protected coral reef this past weekend in the Keys. The small tiny forest bending and swaying with the current in exquisite and breath taking beauty.

Breathing deliberately and with focused intention I took in the unique textures and the colors that existed in the small universe, from behind the face mask. The inhabitants totally unaware and seemingly carefree as we swam freely among them. The hundreds of brightly colored fish, warm water lobsters, conch and unnamed sea creatures who live in the silent world beneath the air in the warm tropical clear blue water is something we have all watched with Jacques Cousteau or National Geographic. However to experience it is something to behold, somewhat of a bucket list entry.

The inviting bright blue waters of the Caribbean have always held a fascinating intrigue–so foreign and far from the cold dark Puget Sound of the Northwest; my roots.

Breathing with a regulator is an activity my inner guidance has resisted–waving the red flag of cautiousness in my mind. Nevertheless, with the promise and excitement of finding some shells I made a spontaneous decision to try something new, and daring. I classified and categorized scuba in close proximity with sky diving and gliding. Each a certain risk. Each a certain beauty. Each a glimpse into a world normally invisible and inconceivable to our senses.

I sensed driving was similar to a wild stallion. Without mutual respect one would fail. However, with good sense and a knowledge of the sport and horse, the experience becomes rewarding and the memory becomes etched and forever locked deep in the psyche of the mind stored safely like treasures for another day. My diving experience was just that: beautiful, memorable and most of all fun!

Be Well,


If this adventure sounds right for you, contact Brent @  He will be happy to help you with your treasure hunting! 🙂

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