Real Life 15 minutes to Live–not always.

Four friends celebrate together;
Cathy Silver, Joy Pritchard, Sally Baldwin, Rose Hunt

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition asked us this question (this past week). We participated in an on-line Forum. Students answered this with various responses—but sometimes we have no conscious warning—and no time to say good-bye–and I share  … about my friend Sally.

I awoke, my house shaking. Steve had been violently banging on my doors to find me. In my sleepily state, I thought the city had begun another new project. I pulled back the blinds and opened the sliding glass door.

Her husband standing there visibly shaken, out of breath & with tears in his eyes threw his arms around my neck yelling, screaming and crying ‘Sally’s dead! What I said in horror trying to process what he was desperately trying to tell me. ‘Sally died’ he screamed again–wailing.  We held each other close and cried. My dear friend Sally died June 6th. She was 59. I followed Steve to their house, and there she lay, still in bed, still in her nightwear and still as a statue. I have gratitude for our friendship, what she meant to me in the last weeks of her life as Sally. When I reflect, I believe, Sally knew she was leaving, unconscious as it was; I equate it to the “nesting” women experience before they give birth.

In the several weeks before her transition, she stopped by one evening unexpected, I was on my way out but asked and we took time to have a glass of wine together. We agreed to meet Sunday at one of our favorite restaurants for a quick bite and then sat and chatted contently Tuesday at an open house hours before her soul carried her out. It was her heart. She left in her sleep–peacefully. She is missed.

Take the time to love and laugh and enjoy the ordinary, simple and mundane. You may not get your fifteen minute warning.

I am also going to share some information, about a Grief Recovery Program if you have recently experienced a loss in your life:

Myths about Grief:
• Time Heals All Wounds
• Replace the Loss
• Grieve Alone
• Be Strong For Others
• Bury Your Feelings

I have participated in Debbie’s program, and I highly recommend it. If you have experienced a lost in your life—death of a loved one or divorce, a career, or loss of trust, you might want to look into this excellent grief recovery program. This is: “One of the least acknowledged and least addressed concerns in our society is GRIEF, the normal and natural reaction to loss.”

Debbie offers private consultations, lectures, and workshops. She can be reached at 561-504-5834 or at: She is located at the new Hollywood Healing Center. Hollywood, Florida.

Be Well,

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