Good Vibrations

Fresh and delicious baby spinach salad adorned with red raspberries

“Everything you eat becomes your fingernails, your eyelashes, your hair, your skin cells, your organs and your awareness. You want your body to vibrate at the same level as the essential Universe–not the grocery store. The vibrant life frequencies and Earth nutrients provided by a delicate fresh-picked lettuce or fresh-squeezed orange are exactly what your subtle senses need for their nourishment, ” so writes Elia Wise in her book, Letter to Earth Vibrationfrequencies and subtle energies are all around us and influence our well-being. Sometimes we don’t realize the impact until we run into someone who exudes anger, impatience or rudeness as noted by my dear sweet friend Sarah during dinner conversation. The opposite can be felt when we experience a sincere smile, thank you or simple courtesy. These “vibes” in life also apply to the food we eat. Whether acknowledged or not, affects our cells, the way we see life and our navigation through it; we are what we eat on every level.

Last night, good, good, good vibrations at Seasons 52 was the underlying melody, even though the Beach Boys were missing. The entire experience emulated this feeling. The selections available were beautiful, fresh and organic. Sarah, our server was a delight–and her smile was infectious. Presentations were colorful and artfully displayed.

Cathy, Sarah and Charlene having dinner at Seasons 52!

Our wonderful energetic smiling Sarah!

You don’t always have to eat out to experience the organic goodness. In fact enrolling your family can be just as meaningful and fun. Organic food more closely resonates to the true being and nature of who we are as energetic beings. See if you can begin to make choices that allow your true balance to shine!

I highly recommend the culinary experience of Seasons 52. Their menu changes with the seasons and is inspired from the fresh appeal of a farmers market. For locations visit

Be well,


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