Randy’s Foot Whispering: Spatial Energy Flow & Biological Presence with the Universe.

Micky’s feet . . .talking to the Foot Whisperer!

Connection with each other. Seen and unseen? What does it really mean? How does it show up in our lives? Is it real? Is it just a coincidence when we think about someone and our cell phone rings, or we receive an instant text?   Maybe an email from a long distance friend, or a knock at the back door? For me these occurrences happen much to frequently and instantly to be chance.  I know they happen to you too, so how connected are we?

This connection seems to support the great wisdom of a universal mind; certainly more powerful than the highly valued and prized intellect in our society today. Could that 95% of the “unaccounted” part of our brain be a highly tuned sophisticated receiver? Some sort of listening device that we all possess–at will? And, is it possible that animals are also able to walk between these dimensions even more easily, unburdened, and participate in this highly tuned sensory intelligence or intuitiveness that could be described as blocks of thought or simply “knowing”.

Lawrence Anthony died March 7th, 2012. He was 62. He was a legend in South Africa.  His nickname, The Elephant Whisperer.  He took it upon himself to rescue and rehabilitate elephants all over the globe from human atrocities. Two days after his passing, the wild elephants showed up at his home led by two large matriarchs.  Separate wild herds arrived to say goodbye to their beloved human friend.  A total of 31 elephants had ambled the 25 or so kilometers (about 12 miles) to get to his S. African house.  They stayed two days, and then left just as suddenly as they arrived.  How did they know?

Years ago, exhausted from the days events I fell asleep before my then teenage son came home from work.  He had taken a job at the local movie theater.  Out of the clear blue, I awoke about 12:30 am, and asked my husband if Joshua, our son, had arrived home? I got up and checked to see if his truck was parked in its favorite spot. No. No truck.  My husband immediately jumped in his car only to find Joshua unable to start his vehicle–stranded in the parking lot–and very happy to see his father.  What Universal intelligence downloaded that alert to me?

One of Einstein’s great insights was to realize that “matter and energy are really different forms of the same thing.  Matter can be turned into energy and energy into matter”.  So, at the end of the day, it is all “Energy”, right?

Esther Hicks , through Abraham, states that we think we come and we go and we come and we go–but, she channels, “We are always focused here.  Sometimes we can be seen because we have a physical body; sometimes we can’t, but we are always here.”

So are we as Einstein says above then, just different forms of Energy? And as Abraham claims, always here?  And if so, then Elephant Whisperers, and Shark Whisperers, and Foot Whisperers are simply tapping into the Universal intelligence or an unlimited abundant Source of “Energy” and knowing. And, in that knowing, subtle quiet unseen energies impart important clues to balance or lack thereof within our physical presence which we label as dis-ease.  A far-fetched concept or future key to our healing, health and wellness?

Randy at work!

Our own Foot Whisperer, Randy Eady’s official title is an Integrative Energy & Spatial Healing Therapist, Specializing in Balance and Movement Disorders.   His real interest lies in treating Parkinson’s Disease with non-drug therapy.  He utilizes simple devices and begins to awaken and re-engage the brain, feet and balance. As a healer, is best described as contemporary shaman.  He works as intermediary between the natural everyday physical world and the unseen energetic connection to just “knowing”. What will Randy “see” in your feet?

If you would like more information on Parkinson’s Disease,  balance disorders, or non-surgical bunion correction, Randy can be reached at: footwhispering@gmail.com.

Be Well,



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