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JulieAnn–a passion for helping others!

She was running late and phoned.  Gridlock traffic–again. This was California after all. Famous for its traffic.  I knew South Florida was bad enough. Experience had taught  me that–JulieAnn was my ride to the Foot Whispering workshop.   We seemed to have similar backgrounds and each of us had rejected the allopathic status quo. We had each spent time with the big pharmaceutical giants. Now,  me with my Holistic Health Coaching practice and with her mat that delivers Earth’s natural Electromagnetic Field technology.   I was anxious to experience her device. New applied science from Germany that could help many.  The allopathic paradigm of limited options: Pharmaceutical, radiation, surgery. “Modern medicine”seems still so barbaric on reflection; poisoning, burning or cutting were the only options. Funny how some new technology is so quickly embraced–and other technology that seems to challenge big industries authority seems to leak out and is blasted as quackery or ineffective but embraced in other parts of our world.  Curious.

I laid down on her mat. I knew very little about this technology. I had focused my attention on a medical device from Japan that also affects the health of our cells. It seemed like they would work synergistically–enhancing one another.   She placed ear phones on my head and hooked me up–a small white plastic clip attached to my ear. For the next eight minutes I listened to music. Slight subliminal tones and sounds beneath the surface in the distant background.  Is this Smart medicine? iMRS feels and acts like Reiki for those familiar with Japanese Energy Therapy. This is also able to deliver natural frequencies that are chosen by your body and intuitivelyserve your body best.

JulieAnn’s deepest passion and desire is to bring her broad experience and knowledge in both traditional and state-of-the art healing modalities to all who work with her.   Research indicates that Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields improve circulation and delivery of oxygen to the brain and vital organs. It helps to regenerate the body’s cells and promotes reduction in pain, bursitis, muscle stress, arthritis and cancer related pain.

If you would like more information JulieAnn can be reached at www.LifeForceEnergies.MediConsult.tv, or 619-972-9551. Or you may email her at JulieAnn@LifeForceEnergies.net.

I got off the mat feeling relaxed, wishing I had my own mat.  Could it bring my thyroid back “on-line”?Between the enhanced support to my body’s regulatory system and supporting my own circadian rhythms and including a frequency of homeopathy–I was anxious to find out more!

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“You can see only what you believe–nothing else is possible.” –byron katie

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