Pesticide Residues in Produce

As I ran into Whole Foods to quickly gather fresh organic ingredients for a pot of homemade chicken soup–I found that they had just run out of celery. Much to my dismay and to the young lady in the isle next to me–we inquired–and we’re told–No. They were sold out and would not have anymore until tomorrow. We briefly chatted, and I mentioned that celery was one of the worst in pesticide residue–apples are #1. So, I again put this information out for everybody to see. It is important that we increase our awareness. Our personal food choices not only have an impact on our bodies, and our health, but also the health of our environment.

Produce with the most residues.

Produce with the most residues.


This information comes directly out of the book, Integrative Nutrition by Joshua Rosenthal.

“The Produce ranking, developed by analysts at Environmental Working Group (EWG), is based on the results of nearly 51,000 tests for pesticide residues on produce collected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration between 2000 and 2009. EWG is a not-for-profit environmental research organization dedicated to improving public health and protecting the Environment.”

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