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Biological Decoding and Holistic Health Coach – Cathrine Silver

Biological Decoding and Holistic Health Coach - Cathrine Silver

We have the pleasure of chatting with Cathrine Silver, a Holistic Health Counselor who practices biological decoding and grief counseling to help her clients achieve their goals.

“Deep inside, you know what is best for you. All the answers are within us already. I help guide you to uncover those answers. In order to be well, we need to make informed choices for us, and to be authentic. It is about mind, body and spirit working together: decoding our emotions. We are not mechanical beings. The mystics and ancients knew this; I bring this to you. Ultimately, it is about balance in all we do.”

Who is Cathy Silver and how did her journey lead her to where she is today?

Click the link for the rest of the interview . . . . https://www.mysticmag.com/psychic-reading/interview-cathrine-silver/

Communication From the Otherside of the Veil; Is it Real? Can We Communicate with Our Love ones?

Carol Morgan, Denise Kennedy & Cathy Silver pictured at the 38th Annual Conference for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies in Scottsdale July 10-13

Carol Morgan, Denise Kennedy & Cathy Silver pictured at the 38th Annual Conference for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies in Scottsdale July 10-13, 2014

I’ll call her Doris.  A 50-something woman with short dark brunette hair wearing a vibrant red summer sweater stood in front of Carol Morgan with determination.  Doris was one of many in attendance at the annual conference for the Academy of Spiritual and Consciousness Studies in Scottsdale this past weekend. “I came back to tell you, she said to my friend Carol, that I didn’t believe you were actually talking to Mikey yesterday afternoon.” Doris continued with enthusiasm, “last night, after your presentation I left the hotel to get some dinner, and ended up in a near-by restaurant and bar providing live music. The band had taken a break, and I sat down and ordered a drink. Minutes later, the guitar player walked back on stage and gazed out at the mellow audience before him.

What happened next would have gone unnoticed by all except me as the musician opened with the John Denver song, My Sweet Lady.” She continued the story, “stunned, I put my drink down and lifted my eyes to the ceiling.” Okay Mikey, I said silently to myself, I believe you–this is possible and you are sending signs and talking to your Mother. Yes, I believe you! I am convinced!”

Earlier that afternoon, I loosely participated with moral support on the sidelines with Carol as she delivered her pendulum communication presentation with her son Mikey, there beside her in spirit.  Mikey, Carol’s 20 year-old son died unexpectedly in a freak jeep accident on a camping trip in the Colorado Mountains in September of 2007. I met Carol two years later where I was helping facilitate the first Parent-Child Retreat in Sun Valley Idaho. Carol and other women attending the Sun Valley Retreat were introduced to and taught the skill of channeling.  Carol intuitively knew Mikey was right there with her–giving her signs and guidance every day, and she was anxious and excited to learn this new tool. “Come hell or high water” was Carol’s attitude and her determination at the retreat and in the early days after returning home. Hard work and clear messages had led her to connect with organizers and an invitation to share her story at their annual convention.

During her presentation in Scottsdale, she laughed and played an emotion-filled and touching clip from John Denver’s My Sweet Lady and confessed, a Morgan family tradition and a secret the boys kept from their friends. “Yep, we loved to sing at the top of our lungs with the old John Denver CD playing–speakers blaring in our car –as we zoomed up Interstate 70 into the Colorado Rocky Mountains for vacation.” Doris had heard that very song earlier afternoon and again that evening in the bar. She continued her story; I approached the guitar player and asked cautiously, “Do you play that song much?” She asked. Actually, she confessed, he told me he hadn’t planned on playing it at all.

“The song My Sweet Lady was very specific to my situation, Carol notes and was the very song Mikey used to connect with me very soon after his passing—and  was the song I played in my presentation the day before,” she said beaming with her contagious smile.

Yes, communication from the Otherside of the veil; real and available to those open to the possibility; when you begin with intention, allowance and belief, miracles really do happen!

For more information on Soul Communication you may email me at Snmodefi@gmail.com or visit  SoultoSoulRetreat.com

Carol Morgan and Mikey

Carol Morgan and Mikey

Inspired Wellness from Within

Cathy Silver, HC

Endings and Beginnings; 7 Tips for Dealing with Emotions in a Healthy Way.

Closing the Despacho

Closing the Despacho Ceremony

Unless you aren’t human, you’ve been experiencing your own tidal wave of change, surfacing as unsettled emotions—sadness, anger, fear, frustration—depression. Damm, you thought you could ignore these unresolved feelings forever? Nope. The Universe and all its divine wisdom is making sure we are cleaning house; a cosmic spring cleaning for the soul.  In the last few weeks, there have been huge changes stirring within us all; acknowledged or not to our conscious self. We can run but we can’t hide.

I picked up the phone and listened this morning as a tearful client and friend spoke about her father, family tensions, and huge family changes unstoppable and unfolding right before her eyes; big loss. Another woman called depressed about her failed relationship—and still another desperately trying to understand her abrupt ending. I have experienced my own losses over the years, but currently on a grander community scale my spiritual sisters crying safely in my kitchen at the sudden and unexpected changes in the organization we knew and loved as DTLA. Bigger than us? I think so.

The astrologers explain this energy as two powerful closely occurring eclipses and the game-changing Grand Cardinal Cross–predicated to cause earthquakes at certain points worldwide; Nicaragua already experiencing such chaos this week. We know that all this is happening, so, how do we deal with the endings and ready ourselves for the new beginnings being presented to us on a more personal level? And if not now, at some point in our life—we will all be forced to look at bigger challenges whether it is the job that was lost, our divorce, a death, move or other significant emotional loss. Monday, at our group meeting, I choose to honor these changes with a ceremony called Despacho—one that I had witnessed months earlier.

Reflecting, to myself, that closings are normal and so is change, but some changes are harder and more painful than others. All cultures have their way of closing the old and bringing in the new.  We certainly declare this every December when one year comes to an end, and we usher in the next–usually without even blinking an eye.

Our Despacho ceremony was a beautiful way to create new intentions—literally “shipment or dispatch” to the universe aligning our personal powers with cosmic ones; representing what is part of our lives now, and our intentions for what is to come next. This simple but meaningful act of harmonizing and engaging ourselves in a sacred ceremony to recognize, acknowledge, and connect to all planes of our existence—physical—mental—and spiritual.

Below are seven ways to help you deal and process changes in your life—begin with the one that resonates with you.

  1. Find someone to just sit and listen—sometimes that’s all we need. A caring heart and an open ear.
  2. Journaling – write—write—write—to the Universe—our lost loved one or to our self. Pour your heart out with an old-fashioned pencil/pen and paper.
  3. Can you tell a new story? Is there a new perspective from which to view this chaos or situation? Maybe you are the special one? The one with a much bigger purpose? Can you see that? There are no mistakes at the divine level.
  4. Can you see this situation as an opportunity to do something you never had the freedom to do before? Is this God, saying—go ahead and . . .
  5. Get moving – even just a walk around the block? Exercise reduces stress—and makes our mental outlook so much better.
  6. Do something for somebody else. When we are able to express our love and gratitude from the bottom of our hearts, we manifest the intention to attract more of what we are grateful for.
  7. Ask your angels and guides for help. Those unseen helpers standing by, but cosmic law says you must invite them in. Unfair—but true. Talk to them!


Julie Andrews,  In the movie The Sound of Music as  Maria, advises: “When God Closes a Door, Somewhere He Opens a Window”, timely advice then and today.


“Wellness inspired from Within”

Cathy Silver, H. C.


The Despacho Mandela before wrapping!

The Despacho Mandela before wrapping!




Death, what do we really know? Who are we? Is it programed within our DNA?

Mom And Carl

Brother and sister together in August

We observe change daily. Our lives are interlocking cycles of change. Are we more connected with the earth and to each other than we consciously know? I like to believe this is so. Like puberty and our reproductive cycles, are souls programed to exit our physical bodies too? A biological time-clock counting down pre-programed, before we arrive in physical form? Simply and beautifully, I liken it to leaves when they detach and are blown off the tree? I promise more lightness next week, but today, I have been thinking about death all day. I was awake a 3, 4 and 5 am. At 5:15 am, I decided to get up and make a cup of coffee.

When I lived in Nacogdoches, I knew a lovely woman from Garrison. One day in conversation she said, that the ‘old timers’ say, when the sap starts to fall many people leave; fall and winter were their busy seasons at the funeral home; that was 15 or more years ago, and I ruminate on that fact today. As I type these thoughts, my phone rings, it is my mother. She has been on my mind all day. I listen for a brief second. She is gripped by pain and grief-stricken; I hear her tears and her muddled words. She tells me her brother has just passed. They were very close. I want to put my arms around her but, she is 3000 miles away.

You do not choose when you are born or when you die, or do you? When I visited Seattle this summer, I spoke with my Uncle. He had had numerous health challenges—but seemed to be handling them in stride and his attitude with me was positive. One comment, however, even today, sticks in my mind. He said, “I told Doc Smith, that it was my quality of life that had taken a turn” then he quietly chuckled—he wasn’t happy about his new regiment of chemo. . . I bit my lip and just listened.

So, here we are three months later and I wonder. It takes nine months for a soul to arrive by birth—is that the preparation time? Does it take approximately nine months for a soul to transition out of this realm and back into another dimension where I believe we exist as pure energy and light and is truly our home? And, because of our modern societies fear and lack of understanding about this transition process, do we miss what our loved ones are really trying to tell us? And, the call to go or the call to come, are they really one and the same? At what moment do we innately know and hear that call? Uncle Carl was 85. Are souls like leaves when they detach and are blown off the tree by the wind? Are we really more like the wind— influenced by some “magnetic indicator” with a set-point? Sometimes a gentle breeze takes our leaves, bark, flowers and branches, and other times, it is more gale like forces that moves with voracious appetite and intention, sometimes even creating hurricanes of tremendous pressure, force and destruction with great suddenness. Are we the wind?

Or are we really more like light and color? Beautiful and yet undefinable by our consciousness? Are we like individual LED lights that light up the universe or like lightening bugs on a warm summer eve?
The enigma between life and more life?  Seen and unseen? What awaits on the other side of this veil? Our bodies attached to our soul and to our physicality; the inner and outer, earth and heaven, time and space to which we are tethered for a moment?

Most leaves fall in the autumn, but some like the live oak and madrona release their leaves all year? Is there a magnetic message tied and programed to our DNA that sends a message and our call to leave? Is it the same one that calls the birds to fly south and the whales to migrate thousands of miles away and animals to have innate knowledge of their own world?  Is it the same ‘voice’ calling to us one by one? Does our soul get this call and pull and lift off one evening propelled by those same cosmic forces? What moves the world outside, moves within me too?

I know we are not simply biology, and we carry within a piece of this sacredness, divinity—a piece of God, and therefore could the instructions be carried in a magnetic portion of our DNA which is hidden and unknown to us? Does this also include our passage into and out of this world? Is it programed with our life lessons—our growth—our healing—and some gift we give to another by our passing. In this case, my Mother. Her heart has opened wide, and just like many events in our lives, we are forever changed—also now programed within our DNA.

I bought a card earlier this week—It said, “When you are born, you are crying while everyone else it smiling. And, when you die, you are smiling while everyone else is crying.” If I have to make up anything, Uncle Carl is smiling—looking down on us all—and I hear him utter these words—“you are so right”. God Bless, you are dearly loved.

Opening the Window

A metaphor for "life"?

A metaphor for “life”?

My friend Debbie opened the champagne; a bottle left over from her birthday. We were going to eat out, but I had all the makings of dinner. Around her dining room table, and over my simple grilled steak and sweet tomato salad, we seemed to naturally float into the world of “no time”. Our conversation spawn over many topics, all substantially of depth: divorce, death, kids, love life, and mysteries of the universe that included questions surrounding astrology, soul relationships and Akashic records.
She drew a book from her library. Write about this she proclaimed and read aloud: ” Two common misconceptions are that peace is a calm, placid state with little feeling and that intense feelings are not spiritual.” Debbie continued, “these misconceptions have nearly succeeded in killing us. . . Intense emotions are a natural part of life and the emotional body must vibrate to live. Strong emotions, both good and bad, create the vibration which allows us to connect with Source of energy, love and salvation. Fervent anger can be a powerful motivator for social change. Jealousy is a secret message, exposing unworthiness. Hurt feelings are the unacceptable parts of us, calling for love and illumination.”*

I nodded. I had spent a lot of time reflecting and questioning the ok-ness and appropriateness of just such topics and reactions both in the world of personal transformation and spirituality. The topic seemed even more important as we have moved into the new energy and new paradigm model.

Authenticity for me meant dropping the old that no longer serves and truly heal those parts of us that have been stuffed and stored down deep within our psyche; the illusion that they have been locked safely away in some vast storage unit. Not realizing that they are triggered when the monthly, quarterly or annual statement arrives and we are forced to write a check triggering off a cascade of feelings and emotions that have nothing to do with our current circumstance or event that sends us off crying, mad, hurt or in anger. On the extreme end, I see it as road rage, domestic violence and abuse–on the other end I see it as unhealthy relationships, passionless careers, addictions or self-defeating behaviors reflected in things like our food choices and eating patterns. All somehow related?

My childhood home was oftentimes filled with such confusion. The unspoken undercurrent and unhappiness loomed. We were not allowed to voice our displeasure or disagreement. There was no healthy way to communicate verbally. My Mother would often run to her room and slam the door. The harder the slam, the angrier she was. My Father never said a word or raised his voice. Only years later did I find poetry was his escape; unconsciously drawn to deal with this own pain–finding some relief as he wrote words on a yellow legal pads, paper napkins or crinkled envelopes. These learned dysfunctional behaviors, habits and beliefs I notice perpetuate in our family today among my siblings; sighting the elephant in the room is easy. Can we talk? I see it woven in the tapestry–on the other side, my ex-husband’s Jewish roots brought hot-blooded exchanges. That didn’t work so well either!

So, how do we learn to love ourselves and gain courage to move through the hurts and beliefs to neutrality where we are no longer so affected and able to face the fears directly? I suppose that is the million dollar question. I know that pretending these feelings do not exist does not work. It is not authentic or loving, and leads to our dis-ease and depression–heart attacks and cancer. Just pick up a copy of Louise Hay’s book, “You can heal your life” notice each label.
I know there are no magic bullets or wizard’s wands. It takes real work. Accept what isn’t working. Make a commitment to yourself. Ask for help. The answer lies within. Are we willing and open for the answer? Find a safe place or trusted friend. Remember, we always have choice. We always have the power and freedom to write a new story. The very appropriate metaphor of placing our mask over our nose first, before we can help others is important. By living our truth our way, we begin depositing rather than withdrawing from our emotional bank account. Once we examine our beliefs and take responsibility for our actions, and thoughts does it become possible to live in joy, peace, happiness and love. It is ours for the asking and willingness to walk through another doorway. Then old triggers become less and less like hurricanes; rather like breezes through your open window. Our new higher vibration will guide us closer to our true nature. What will we chose today? Each moment is a new opportunity!
“Not until the pain of the same is greater than the pain of change will you embrace change.”

-Dave Ramsey

The journey is the reward!

Be well–in love and light,


Sources for transformation:

Wellness and Nutrition: http://www.cathysilverhealth.com

Grief Recovery: (www.hollywoodhealingcenter.org)

Personal transformation: http://www.gratitudetraining.com

*Angel Blessing, by Kimberly Marooney

Real Life 15 minutes to Live–not always.

Four friends celebrate together;
Cathy Silver, Joy Pritchard, Sally Baldwin, Rose Hunt

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition asked us this question (this past week). We participated in an on-line Forum. Students answered this with various responses—but sometimes we have no conscious warning—and no time to say good-bye–and I share  … about my friend Sally.

I awoke, my house shaking. Steve had been violently banging on my doors to find me. In my sleepily state, I thought the city had begun another new project. I pulled back the blinds and opened the sliding glass door.

Her husband standing there visibly shaken, out of breath & with tears in his eyes threw his arms around my neck yelling, screaming and crying ‘Sally’s dead! What I said in horror trying to process what he was desperately trying to tell me. ‘Sally died’ he screamed again–wailing.  We held each other close and cried. My dear friend Sally died June 6th. She was 59. I followed Steve to their house, and there she lay, still in bed, still in her nightwear and still as a statue. I have gratitude for our friendship, what she meant to me in the last weeks of her life as Sally. When I reflect, I believe, Sally knew she was leaving, unconscious as it was; I equate it to the “nesting” women experience before they give birth.

In the several weeks before her transition, she stopped by one evening unexpected, I was on my way out but asked and we took time to have a glass of wine together. We agreed to meet Sunday at one of our favorite restaurants for a quick bite and then sat and chatted contently Tuesday at an open house hours before her soul carried her out. It was her heart. She left in her sleep–peacefully. She is missed.

Take the time to love and laugh and enjoy the ordinary, simple and mundane. You may not get your fifteen minute warning.

I am also going to share some information, about a Grief Recovery Program if you have recently experienced a loss in your life:

Myths about Grief:
• Time Heals All Wounds
• Replace the Loss
• Grieve Alone
• Be Strong For Others
• Bury Your Feelings

I have participated in Debbie’s program, and I highly recommend it. If you have experienced a lost in your life—death of a loved one or divorce, a career, or loss of trust, you might want to look into this excellent grief recovery program. This is: “One of the least acknowledged and least addressed concerns in our society is GRIEF, the normal and natural reaction to loss.”

Debbie offers private consultations, lectures, and workshops. She can be reached at 561-504-5834 or at: homeopath9@aol.com. She is located at the new Hollywood Healing Center. Hollywood, Florida.

Be Well,


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