Nutritional Bites: Trans-FAT–Take a second look!

Look for the word "Hydrogenated"--If you see if--DON'T EAT IT!

Look for the word “Hydrogenated”–If you see if–DON’T EAT IT!

I was horrified as I read Martha White Yellow Corn Muffin mix contains “partially Hydrogenated soybean and Cotton seed oils. This means in layman’s terms: TRANS FAT. Yesterday, I pulled a box from my pantry shelf and read the ingredient list.  Unhappily, I proceeded to make the mix–but called the company asking if the ingredients had changed. No, I was told after I gave the pleasant-voiced customer service woman the bar code on the box.  How does this happen?  Companies are allowed by law  to label their Nutritional Facts  “0 trans fat” if it is less than 500 mg. per serving; sneaky and untruthful. Especially given the amount of unhealth and disease in this country: Coronary Heart Disease, Blood Lipids, Insulin Resistance, Inflammatory Dysfunction, Blood Pressure . . . It was the echoing voice in my head from Walter Willet, MD, PhD and Chairman of Harvard’s school of Public Health, “on a gram for gram basis–trans fats are twice as bad as saturated fats, which should make you pretty concerned.” Trans fat also lower the good HDL cholesterol. Trans fats are used because they increase shelf life. Great. The manufacturers are worried about their bottom line–not our well-being. So I put this out here to anyone who will listen, read the ingredient list and be discerning; it may ultimately save your life. You know, its kind of like teaching your kids to look both ways before crossing the street! I also began to  wonder, is it GMO corn? Probably–another day and another blog. We always have a choice, and in the end, FYI, I threw out the corn bread; choosing not to serve it for dinner.

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Blocks of trans-fat in the bottom left hand corner--preserve shelf life--NOT OUR LIFE!

Blocks of trans-fat in the bottom left hand corner–preserve shelf life–NOT OUR LIFE!

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  1. Great article, I think about these things all the time. And I got rid of everything in my pantry with and of those things in them.

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