Thoughts on . . . Thanksgiving

Happy-ThanksgivingWhat is important to us? What’s really important? With the approaching holidays just around the bend–perhaps it is time to examine our priorities and lighten up? “Perfect” is only a state of mind; a belief. The perfect dinner. The perfect table. The perfect company. We put so much pressure on ourselves and others about what holidays HAVE to look like. Maybe we need more spontaneity and fun? Yes, the new “F” word: FUN.  Anyone who knows me, knows I like to cook, inviting others to enjoy a great meal–no matter what the occasion. But gone are the days when everything must be just so.  It is all about enjoying the moment.   I am giving you permission for the same!

When the fun is gone, the stress takes over. Is it time to re-create and unlearn how we believe the holidays must look? Can you be in the moment and enjoy the NOW—not worrying about the next leg of the modern-day relay race? Why not decide in advance how you can remove some of the pressure of the perfect “Hallmark” dinner. Maybe crazy cousin Eddy’s unexpected arrival is divinely designed to add the spark of humor and lightness that no one else brings? The dessert falling or the dog helping himself to the plate of appetizers will not be the end, but a memory everyone will remember and laugh about long after the wishbone from the turkey is snapped. It is the heart not the head that gets us into this feeling of love and love doesn’t care about perceptions –a wrinkled table cloth or chips in a couple of plates.  It directs you to what is real.

If it is easier to share the responsibility–or get the restaurant on the corner to do part of the cooking, so much the better. I know it looks different for every family. This year, is it possible to start a new tradition? Or UN-learn something? Perhaps, invite someone to your house who has no family near? Or choose to bury the hatchet with a relative over an argument you had that you can’t even remember what it was about? A potluck? A neighborhood Thanksgiving? A brunch or an open house? Or a different day; it is only a day on the calendar.

Whatever it is, make the declaration and set the intention to have fun. Attitude is everything. When the stress creeps in, don’t forget to exercise–even just a quick walk will make a difference. Trade an apple for a slice of apple pie. Visualize, meditate and keep a good attitude. It’s only dinner after-all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cathy Silver

Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Warrior

Snoopy and Indian Thanksgiving

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