Bringing in More Light . . . Compassion Choir 2013


Creating a new reality? Rewriting the future? Singing tones to the Earth?
Opening time capsules?

It sounds like science fiction: Star Wars, Stargate, Star Trek or Deep Space Nine; creative imaginative writers working for some big Hollywood production studio. Right? Wrong. But, as you already know, truth is stranger than fiction.

Like iron filings to a magnate, I was drawn to and spent this past week in Cancun, Mexico toning sacred sounds in an ancient language: two choirs singing two different sets of tones paired together. We sang  twenty-six tones,  “speaking” to our personal DNA and activating time capsules within ourselves while simultaneously speaking to and unlocking  attributes for our beloved Mother Earth, activating things called grids, nulls, nodes and more time capsules–all quantum, put in place by the ancient Pleiadians, our long lost family, from the Seven Sisters should we make it this far—and we have!

All of this unlocked by a brilliant scientific visionary, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, who served as the choir master 26,000 years ago in a civilization known as Lemruia.  Over the last dozen years he has remembered precise patterns to trigger the opening of our pineal glands, beginning to awaken and transform us– humanity– to a more compassionate race and sending information to the universes and galaxies beyond, tapping into a deep level of “quantum reality.”  These seen and unseen, male-female, inward-outward, giving-receiving, and compassion-allowing energies create a very real and profound experience recognized in our awareness or not. These tones mine information stored within our Akashic records, opening channels of telepathy, aiding in transformation without limits, activating the third eye and tying us into a quantum connection with All There Is.

Fascinating esoteric stuff–invisible–like gravity, magnetics or the feelings of love—but based in physics and way beyond my technical expertise. Yet it resonates as Truth for me and that is why I share it with you and why I spent this past week in Mexico with 300 others from around the world.  Everything is energy and “at the level of quantum understanding, everything in the Universe is simply waves and vibrations” including these rhythms, tones and sounds we generated together in a beautiful angelic chorus.

But, the bigger question is why? In a simple answer: Compassion. By singing and toning these unique sounds and patterns, the choir began to move humanity and birth our new reality; to help us become more astute and caring to each other no matter what corner of the world we live in. These are the beginning steps to a new foundation for humanity as we begin to move out of our current competitive dog-eat-dog fear-based world and into a world and new human consciousness that will embrace attributes such as: tolerance, temperance, generosity and integrity.

I share this vision of unlimited possibility and ask you to believe in a world of peace, love and compassion as the new structure unravels our past and the old crumbles giving way to this new outlook.  Look around and ask, Have we begun this shift? The answer is, yes. You can see glimpses as it begins to unfold—like a delicate flower opening before our very eyes. Perhaps as family members respect and honor the others’ opinions and ways of being for the first time–ever, or as simply a more cooperative spirit among your colleagues at work?  There will be a noticeable shift.  And, does it really matter how we get there? I think not, but one day we will all celebrate this new world together,  only remembering the dark barbaric ways of the past, and instead, seeing our magnificence. And that is a beautiful and divine place to be!

Inspired wellness from within,

Cathy Silver, HC

Holistic Health Coach & Wellness Warrior

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Thoughts on . . . Thanksgiving

Happy-ThanksgivingWhat is important to us? What’s really important? With the approaching holidays just around the bend–perhaps it is time to examine our priorities and lighten up? “Perfect” is only a state of mind; a belief. The perfect dinner. The perfect table. The perfect company. We put so much pressure on ourselves and others about what holidays HAVE to look like. Maybe we need more spontaneity and fun? Yes, the new “F” word: FUN.  Anyone who knows me, knows I like to cook, inviting others to enjoy a great meal–no matter what the occasion. But gone are the days when everything must be just so.  It is all about enjoying the moment.   I am giving you permission for the same!

When the fun is gone, the stress takes over. Is it time to re-create and unlearn how we believe the holidays must look? Can you be in the moment and enjoy the NOW—not worrying about the next leg of the modern-day relay race? Why not decide in advance how you can remove some of the pressure of the perfect “Hallmark” dinner. Maybe crazy cousin Eddy’s unexpected arrival is divinely designed to add the spark of humor and lightness that no one else brings? The dessert falling or the dog helping himself to the plate of appetizers will not be the end, but a memory everyone will remember and laugh about long after the wishbone from the turkey is snapped. It is the heart not the head that gets us into this feeling of love and love doesn’t care about perceptions –a wrinkled table cloth or chips in a couple of plates.  It directs you to what is real.

If it is easier to share the responsibility–or get the restaurant on the corner to do part of the cooking, so much the better. I know it looks different for every family. This year, is it possible to start a new tradition? Or UN-learn something? Perhaps, invite someone to your house who has no family near? Or choose to bury the hatchet with a relative over an argument you had that you can’t even remember what it was about? A potluck? A neighborhood Thanksgiving? A brunch or an open house? Or a different day; it is only a day on the calendar.

Whatever it is, make the declaration and set the intention to have fun. Attitude is everything. When the stress creeps in, don’t forget to exercise–even just a quick walk will make a difference. Trade an apple for a slice of apple pie. Visualize, meditate and keep a good attitude. It’s only dinner after-all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cathy Silver

Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Warrior

Snoopy and Indian Thanksgiving

Gaia’s Abundance ▪ What’s Fresh in the Market Right Now?

Brussels SproutsFall brings its bounty; there are many vegetables and fruits that we typically consider “fall”. We all know pumpkins ripen around Halloween, but what about pomegranates, or a new variety of winter squash? This year I began to notice, and try some new varieties, a medley I typically haven’t  prepared in the past.  Acorn squash is one example, as I’ve always been more of a sweet potato gal.  I wondered, though, if Mother Nature provided this harvest, what are the benefits of eating such things as:  acorn squash, chestnuts, cranberries, or Brussels sprouts? And, do these vegetables prepare us for the winter?  I whipped out my Whole Foods Encyclopedia by Rebecca Wood and share what I discovered.  I hope this will encourage you to try something new!

Acorn Squash started this whole discourse. LOL.   Squash is considered a chi tonic* and a warming food that is medicinal to the spleen, stomach, large intestine and lungs.  It improves energy and blood circulation. Winter squash is exceptionally high in complex carbohydrates (A good thing for keeping the glycemic index stable.) and is medicinal for diabetics and those with digestive problems.  Squash provide vitamins A and C, potassium and magnesium.  It is an excellent source of pre-vitamin A and often carotenoids and therefore has anticarcinogenic properties.

I experienced hot chestnuts while visiting NYC many years ago from a street vendor.  I didn’t know if I liked them at first, because of the texture, but it happened to be cold and blustery and after a few, I decided I did in fact appreciate their uniqueness to my palate.  I now look forward to their appearance in the stores.  They are easily and quickly boiled—sliced with X’s and “roasted” in the oven.  They happen to be a chi and yang tonic** and the chestnuts nurture the kidneys, stomach and spleen.  Rebecca describes them as sweet like fruit, but unlike fruit, it warms and builds, rather than cools and cleanses.  They are a good ‘convalescing food and they have an astringing nature that controls diarrhea, coughing, whooping cough and rheumatism’.

I have already made my first batch of cranberry sauce this year—one of my favorite condiments.  Cranberries are actually native to North America and a welcome sight when I see them in the store.  They are a cold food and dispel heat and damp.  They act upon the bladder, kidney and large intestine.  They are rich in polyphenol antioxidants and appear to benefit the immune and cardiovascular system. They have anticancer properties and have a chemical compound called proanthocyanidins which help inhibit bacteria in the bladder, urinary tract and teeth.  Cranberry consumption also reduces some types of kidney stones.  Who knew?

Brussels sprouts seem to be a controversial food; they are either loved or hated!  But, given the evidence and benefits to the body, perhaps they are worth taking another look—and taste.  They happen to be a warming food that helps disperse cold.  They support the stomach and large intestine function and mildly stimulate the liver out of stagnancy.  They are an excellent source of folic acid, vitamins C and K and beta-carotene.  Nutritionally and energetically, they’re similar to cabbage and contain numerous glucosinolates, which are cancer fighting phytochemicals.  At their prime need only to be seasoned with butter and salt or with extra virgin olive oil and lemon after they have been blanched or steamed.

And, last but not least are Pomegranates, not typically something I buy often. But I was recently a host-family to a student who grew up in Iran.  She showed me how they ate them and I watched her squeeze the rind and turn this fruit into fresh ruby red juice—I was amazed!  Pomegranates are a yin tonic*** that disperses heat and treats the bladder, spleen, stomach, liver and large intestine.  They promote the production of red blood cells, expel tape worms, strengthen the bladder and gums and soothe ulcers in the mouth and throat. Rebecca also states that they have punicalagins (the tannins in the pomegranates) have free radical activity and therefore treat heart disease and help protect against cancer.  Clinical data shows the effectiveness of pomegranates in treating breast, lung, and prostate cancer.  They also help with the assimilation of fats, protein and carbohydrates.

*Chi Tonic: Improves and maintains the quality and quantity of available energy in the body.
**Yang Tonic: Maintains and improves our ability to generate warmth and stimulate our system.
***Yin Tonic: Complementary to yang in Chinese philosophy. Yin is the female element and associated with moon, night, damp, cold, interior and decending.

“Inspired Wellness from Within“--Cathy Silver, HC and Wellness Warrior

Acorn Squash

Death, what do we really know? Who are we? Is it programed within our DNA?

Mom And Carl

Brother and sister together in August

We observe change daily. Our lives are interlocking cycles of change. Are we more connected with the earth and to each other than we consciously know? I like to believe this is so. Like puberty and our reproductive cycles, are souls programed to exit our physical bodies too? A biological time-clock counting down pre-programed, before we arrive in physical form? Simply and beautifully, I liken it to leaves when they detach and are blown off the tree? I promise more lightness next week, but today, I have been thinking about death all day. I was awake a 3, 4 and 5 am. At 5:15 am, I decided to get up and make a cup of coffee.

When I lived in Nacogdoches, I knew a lovely woman from Garrison. One day in conversation she said, that the ‘old timers’ say, when the sap starts to fall many people leave; fall and winter were their busy seasons at the funeral home; that was 15 or more years ago, and I ruminate on that fact today. As I type these thoughts, my phone rings, it is my mother. She has been on my mind all day. I listen for a brief second. She is gripped by pain and grief-stricken; I hear her tears and her muddled words. She tells me her brother has just passed. They were very close. I want to put my arms around her but, she is 3000 miles away.

You do not choose when you are born or when you die, or do you? When I visited Seattle this summer, I spoke with my Uncle. He had had numerous health challenges—but seemed to be handling them in stride and his attitude with me was positive. One comment, however, even today, sticks in my mind. He said, “I told Doc Smith, that it was my quality of life that had taken a turn” then he quietly chuckled—he wasn’t happy about his new regiment of chemo. . . I bit my lip and just listened.

So, here we are three months later and I wonder. It takes nine months for a soul to arrive by birth—is that the preparation time? Does it take approximately nine months for a soul to transition out of this realm and back into another dimension where I believe we exist as pure energy and light and is truly our home? And, because of our modern societies fear and lack of understanding about this transition process, do we miss what our loved ones are really trying to tell us? And, the call to go or the call to come, are they really one and the same? At what moment do we innately know and hear that call? Uncle Carl was 85. Are souls like leaves when they detach and are blown off the tree by the wind? Are we really more like the wind— influenced by some “magnetic indicator” with a set-point? Sometimes a gentle breeze takes our leaves, bark, flowers and branches, and other times, it is more gale like forces that moves with voracious appetite and intention, sometimes even creating hurricanes of tremendous pressure, force and destruction with great suddenness. Are we the wind?

Or are we really more like light and color? Beautiful and yet undefinable by our consciousness? Are we like individual LED lights that light up the universe or like lightening bugs on a warm summer eve?
The enigma between life and more life?  Seen and unseen? What awaits on the other side of this veil? Our bodies attached to our soul and to our physicality; the inner and outer, earth and heaven, time and space to which we are tethered for a moment?

Most leaves fall in the autumn, but some like the live oak and madrona release their leaves all year? Is there a magnetic message tied and programed to our DNA that sends a message and our call to leave? Is it the same one that calls the birds to fly south and the whales to migrate thousands of miles away and animals to have innate knowledge of their own world?  Is it the same ‘voice’ calling to us one by one? Does our soul get this call and pull and lift off one evening propelled by those same cosmic forces? What moves the world outside, moves within me too?

I know we are not simply biology, and we carry within a piece of this sacredness, divinity—a piece of God, and therefore could the instructions be carried in a magnetic portion of our DNA which is hidden and unknown to us? Does this also include our passage into and out of this world? Is it programed with our life lessons—our growth—our healing—and some gift we give to another by our passing. In this case, my Mother. Her heart has opened wide, and just like many events in our lives, we are forever changed—also now programed within our DNA.

I bought a card earlier this week—It said, “When you are born, you are crying while everyone else it smiling. And, when you die, you are smiling while everyone else is crying.” If I have to make up anything, Uncle Carl is smiling—looking down on us all—and I hear him utter these words—“you are so right”. God Bless, you are dearly loved.

Vitamin G: A Powerful Way to Start Everyday!

Gratitude-is-the-hearts-memory-a-French-proverb1Gratitude, another key to happiness and well-being. We all know this innately, but sometimes it’s like forgetting to put our napkin in our lap or turning off the light before we exit a room.
Gratitude is more than an intellectual exercise of just giving thanks or uttering the platitude, “I feel blessed today”. Not of course that those things aren’t true, but it is the ability to really feel this emotion.  When we drop into our heart we activate a consciousness and create a new reality ; this is where the magic happens!

I remember saying grace every evening at the dinner table growing up.  It was the prerequisite to beginning the family meal, and looking back, it felt more like sitting at a red light, waiting for the signal to turn green–and permission to GO. This morning, when I look around at all the hardship and  daily struggle, my gratitude extends to many things in my life; I note my beautiful home, my purposeful career, my friends–and family. My boys are good,  my health excellent–and my parents still alive in their 80’s.  And, although I am no longer 30, I have more life lessons under my belt.   I have more experience, wisdom and insight that melds with who I have become today.  I look forward to whatever the future brings.

So, gratitude for me is about really feeling it in my heart. It’s yours to own as well when we are able to get out of our head. The heart, is 5000 times more powerful than our left-brain intellect. The hearts mystery contains the powerful feminine-side of our emotions, feelings and love. It is the seed which is able to move mountains–that tiny seed when nurtured is able to grow through the toughest conditions.  It all begins with intention. Do we show love and have gratitude for our earth, the plants and animals–our forests and oceans and all the abundance contained therein?

I send the challenge out to you too: gratitude for 60 seconds today? And, if you are having a really “bad”day, can you think of just one thing–and then notice how you feel? What about one more? Better huh. On a good day these things are easy– but the power comes when we are challenged. So, what do you have gratitude for, and what does it feel like when we choose from our heart?  After all, recent studies indicate, about 40 percent of our own happiness is entirely within our control.  What if it was even higher than that?  100 percent?  Who knows?

A massage for our soul, certainly our mind, and also the place the seeds to health, and wellness are nurtured and grow.  And, by the way, gratitude and happiness include at wide range of health benefits for us including, less incidence of strokes.  We have better immunity against colds and flu.  We have less pain, lower cortisol levels, less stress and inflammation in our body. Like a beautiful garden, see what shows up in your life when the seeds of gratitude are planted! Better than any supplement. Happy is healthy. Have you had your energetic and transforming Vitamin G today?


Cathy Silver, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Warrior

GMO’s – Time to Take Action!

How Do GMO's affect our Health?I am passing this on because it is important that we all band together with the BIG GMO issue.  Politicians have been bought and paid for and whatever else goes on with big money, greed and power!  It is simply up to us.  Get informed–vote with your dollars–and tune into this upcoming Mini-Summit with John Robbins and Jeffrey Smith as they uncover the truths about GMO’s.  Here is what they have to say . . .

The scary truth about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is being deliberately kept from you…

Fact: Your food has been unnaturally changed. These changes have very SERIOUS consequences.

Your family’s health is at risk and you deserve the TRUTH…

Jeffrey and John and a whole host of others are going to share with you the true effects of genetically engineered food

on human health and the environment. You’re invited to join their panel of experts, researchers and activists

in an inspirational and free, 3-day GMO Summit October 25-27, 2013.

This is a virtual event you can enjoy at no cost from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
If you want to know the TRUTH about GMOs and the risks Monsanto, the government, their paid advisors and the media are deliberately hiding from you, then join in this unique, free summit.
The GMO Mini Summit is for you if:

You’re unsure what Genetically Modified Foods are and you’re worried you may have already been affected.
You’re frightened about GMOs and the future of our food.
While you prioritize your health, and are diligent about eating wisely, you’re still experiencing allergies, food sensitivities, weight or intestinal issues, and you wonder if GMO foods might be to blame. You’ve read articles and maybe even seen documentaries about GMOs, but you feel even more confused from all the conflicting evidence.
You do your best to eat unprocessed, organic food, but you’re not sure if you’re still unintentionally consuming GMOs.
You’d like to be able to explain GMOs to family and friends in a quick way anyone can understand.
You’re outraged at Monsanto’s irresponsible corporate behavior and want to know how to take action in a way that will make the biggest impact.
You’re on a budget or live where organic foods aren’t available, and would like to know how to avoid GMOs without necessarily having to buy “organic”. You want to know how to avoid GMO foods in grocery stores and restaurants.
You want to support labeling initiatives like Washington’s I-522, and you want to become better informed so you can be an effective spokesperson and advocate. You care about healthy food for a healthy and thriving planet.

Hosted by:
Jeffrey Smith is a leading consumer advocate promoting safe food and exposing the dangers of GMOs. He

is founder of the 250,000 member Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) and author of the international

bestseller, Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically

Engineered Foods You’re Eating.

His recently released, award-winning film, Genetic Roulette, has been seen by millions of people and

helped to empower concerned citizens worldwide. Jeffrey has counseled leaders from every continent,

lectured in 30 countries, and been a popular guest on programs like BBC, NPR, Fox News, and the Dr. Oz


John Robbins could have inherited the Baskin-Robbins empire. But he walked away from the money and

the power. Why? He simply didn’t want to devote his life to selling ice cream after realizing it makes people

unhealthy. So he decided to make a change.

Over the last 25 years, his books about healthy eating and healthy living (including bestsellers Diet for a

New America and The Food Revolution) have sold millions of copies and have been translated into more

than 30 languages. He is co-founder, with his son and colleague Ocean, of the 100,000+ member Food

Revolution Network.

Ocean Robbins was born in a log cabin built by his parents, and grew up eating food they grew on the land

together. At age 16, he co-founded Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!), and went on to direct it for the

next 20 years.

Ocean’s work has taken him all over the world, where he has seen first-hand the powerful impact of the food

we eat – not just on our health, but on people and economies everywhere. He is co-author, with his dad,

John, of Voices of the Food Revolution, and CEO of the Food Revolution Network.

GMO Mini-Summit; Get Informed–Get Inspired–Take Action!

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Inspired Wellness from Within!


Get Informed . . .Get Inspired . . . Take Action!

Join for Mini-Summit and learn about GMO’s

Changes Deep Within Our Cells? You Decide!

Lightning_Bolt_by_UndeadSamurai01A meteorologist will profess thunder and lightning is simply the mixture of two fronts; warm and cool air colliding. Yet, is thunder and lightning a deeper message from Mother Nature and spirit? Is there a deeper meaning?  Does this effect our DNA in a quantum way? We are becoming very clear how vibration, sound and light therapy can be used in therapeutic ways. Could it be about cleansing and change? Does the earth respond to human consciousness and we to it? Do we respond to this intense energy at the level of our cells? Is energy the great equalizer–bringing things together, and taking them apart?  Could this intense energy be seen as the rector or tinker toy set in the universe? After all, trees, mountains, beaches–and cities may stand for centuries only to be changed in a single storm.

Way beyond our physical awareness of wind, clouds, lightening, thunder and pouring rain, is a storm–just a storm?  Are thunderstorms like dramatic performances? At at the conclusion we are forever altered? Some of us, I know, even taking our last breaths as the expressions we are, as our soul moves into another dimension and reality?

Most of us, just notice the rain. The downpour coming off the roof tops and splashing out of gutters, flooded streets and the speed of our wipers tracking across our windshields. We notice and acknowledge the intensity of the lightning. Often times, it has stopped me in my tracks as it shakes my home.  We may certainly call it  energy in its purest form. And if energy cannot be created or destroyed, what does it reshape? Listen to the thunder sometime–a cacophony of sounds.  But do we really understand its true meaning and purpose? Maybe someday we will! Thoughts to ponder.  But for me,  I will never look and listen at a thunderstorm with the same eyes and meaning again.


Living Your Truth From Your Heart

ArtistYou don’t need a ferry or a long bridge or even an airplane to get to Madrid from Santa Fe , but it felt to me, I had landed somewhere special. Two weeks ago, I took a short drive through the rolling rocky sage-brushy country side of New Mexico to a small village. Not quite knowing what to expect, a found a artists’ colony of individuals planted in a very ‘wild west’ way. Unique, individualistic, passion-filled and living their truth; certainly old souls. Each shop owner had a story. Their journeys unique as their art. Some had survived illnesses. Some retired or semi-retired. One woman had lived without running water for two years. Another sold pottery made in the traditions of Native American ancestors fired in the ground and painted with four hairs from a child. Liz, a talented potter shared her poem, and with her permission, I share it with you. As you read it, reflect what imagery comes up for you? Notice what you notice. Is there a resonance deep within you soul? Does it have meaning? Your answer will be a unique as our individual essence. Honor this piece; body mind and spirit. As the world shifts, we are all affected. We can run, but we cannot hide. Whatever your truth and passion, reach for it. For when we live from this place within our heart, we not only can live from joy and personal wellness, but we raise the vibration of ourselves, those around us–and we can only guess how far out it goes–our state, our country–our world–our galaxy–and our vast Universe to which we are immeasurably and immensely connected.    Art

Poem by Liz Patersen

Once there was an Ocean here
an inland Sea

a vast water space of life

before the seeding of human kind

before the birth of our migrations.

Once there was an Ocean here

Birds freefalling into that waterworld

vast herds drinking at the edge of time.

Time unknowable

eons of sea-changing and grinding stone.

Once there was an Ocean here

home of soft life, shells slowly sinking

deep in the seabed.

Bones of beasts lie in the edges

of their world behind receding tides.

Once there was an Ocean here

slowly draining into the mother sea

soft sand moving, birthing rivered canyons

steep islands weathering into great ranges

leaving behind a trace of brine

in the vastness grasslands.

The desert holds the memory of ocean tides.

The stones protect and embrace

ancestral shells and bones.

Once there was an Ocean here . . .

Another Birthday . . . Another Year

Singing traditional Happy Birthday!In spite of very extreme stormy rain and near flooding conditions in many places, Saturday night a week ago was a fun-filled celebration; the nicest birthday ever. I had anticipated a small group of friends celebrating outside around my pool braving the hot humidity of south Florida mid-summer. Simple Potluck. Don’t be attached to how things are supposed to look! Right? What I got was 25 old and new friends “comfortably” in the living room with picnic tables and decorated umbrella all having a good evening. I think the angels and fairy’s made room for everyone! A wonderful energy and easiness as strangers introduced themselves. Almost the New Orleans big easy energy style. I cannot not mention the food–both homemade vegan and meat lovers lasagna, and large spinach salad provided the main fare–filled in with garlic bread, fruit salad, chicken wings and wine and of course cake! And the best part, was there was nothing to save–all had been eaten! Yes, another year has past, and my, how cliché, but where does the time go?

So Birthdays . . . a time to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the future. Was this how “make a wish” got started with the original declaration to the Universe? No matter what the approaching months bring, our ease with life depends more on our state of mind more than actual events. We all know friends who can turn mole hills into mountains. It is our perception into what is, which lies within our being and the core of who we are. Our serenity, and peace of mind are echoed in our daily life or not. We carry strength, courage and wisdom inside ourselves and it is there for the asking. My anticipation is that my year will be powerful, exciting and fulfilling. What is yours? Whatever you decide and declare you have the power to manifest–so, make it great!

Cathy's Birthday 2013

Watermelon—Good for more than just Picnics!

Fresh ripe and delicious

Cooling refreshing summer ripe watermelon

I am more apt to think of Watermelon at picnics or seed spitting contests at camp or a lively family reunion or used to entertain the kids.  But, watermelon is a great addition to our diet—especially as the weather gets warm and we enjoy our summer days. Their high water content makes them good refreshments on the hot days as it is considered an “cold” food and one that treats the bladder, heart and stomach meridians.

Who knew, watermelons are native to Africa, and were considered a valuable and portable source of water for desert situations and when natural water supplies were contaminated. Watermelons were cultivated in Egypt and India as far back as 2500 B.C. as evidenced in ancient hieroglyphics.

Watermelon contains Vitamins A and C, iron, and potassium.  Surprisingly, the red watery fruit has only half the sugar of an apple, but often times tastes much sweeter because sugar is its main taste-producing element—the rest of course—water!

Watermelon relieves thirst, mental depression, and edema and it induces urination.  It is a good source of lycopene and is great for one’s vision.

Add watermelons to salad, salsa or juice them. Watermelon is refreshing and nourishing any day. Try to make it a regular part of your diet, especially while in season.  Check out the Watermelon Cooler and smoothie.  But most of all indulge–and smile as you enjoy a summertime fruit that not only tastes good, but is good for you!

Watermelon Cooler

1 2-inch slice of watermelon

1/2 cup of fresh organic strawberries

1/4 fresh fennel bulb

1 lemon

mint for garnish

Using your juicer, process watermelon, strawberries, fennel and lemon.  Stir and pour into a glass.  Adjust ingredients accordingly to the number being served! This recipe serves one.

Watermelon Smoothie

1 cup watermelon chunks

1 cup organic blueberries

1 cup SO Delicious coconut yogurt

2 tbsp. raw pumpkin seeds

Put all ingredients into Vitamix and process.

Enjoy, be well and relax!

  •   Every part of the watermelon, including the seeds and the rind is edible.
  •  Watermelons are ideal for the health as they do not contain any fat or cholesterol and are high in fiber content.
  •  Over 1200 varieties of watermelon are grown in approximately 100 countries across the world.
  •   Watermelons are very fragile and cannot be harvested with the help of machines. Instead they are carefully tossed by workers on a relay that runs between the fields and the truck.

Florian enjoying fresh summer watermelon!

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