Happy Valentines Day – Loving Yourself; The I AM in Each of Us.


Balance and Harmony are within ourselves.
Stay focused– we have no clock.
It’s time to take your power; it’s time to dance.
Have gratitude.
Look how far you have come.
Think health, vitality, energy and joy.
Focus on what you have.
Love your life now.
Give pure intent–purity cannot be shaken, it is driven by the core of our being.
Talk to your cells.
This is our third language.
It is the language of masterhood
It is yours for the asking.
Claim it today.
Have compassion for yourself and others.
Loving yourself is a daily walk that’s so peaceful and loving and different that your cells refuse to go into drama, anger or worry.
Connect to yourself; Stillness. Listen to your breath.
You are the great “I AM”
Own your beauty, your power, your divinity, your love and your joy.
It is who you are, you need only remember your mastery within.

Happy Valentines Day!

Be Well, and in Love and Light,





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