Manifesting What We Need . . .

Beach - Manifesting what we need
Leaving the beach yesterday afternoon, big dark luminous clouds hovered to the west followed with occasional deep rumblings of thunder.  I looked at my friend Richard, who was loading his beach chairs and small cooler in the trunk of his car, “you’d better hurry,” he said, “I think you can make it home before this rain comes.”

I swung my leg over my silver Raleigh and headed north on A1A, down the narrow lane sprayed with the white bike symbol before me on the pavement. Three quarters of the way home, I turned the corner heading west, looked up and realized heading straight towards my direction and seconds away was a ‘sheet of rain’ as the gusty wind blew the leaves across the asphalt and I felt the bursts of wind swirl against my face; the raindrops pelting me now. Do I really want to get soaked? On my right, as I had turned that corner on Hibiscus, was an old iconic beauty salon called Paula’s.  As I peddled past this very pink 50’s style beauty salon to my right I had noticed a back door overhand big enough for me and my bike; shelter from the rain?  I circled my bike back around and headed for the faded-red scalloped awning which protected the back entrance.   Fifteen minutes later, the squall was over and I continued my trek home. Happy and dry and good with my decision to make my unscheduled stop and grateful for Paula’s south-side stoop.

I thought nothing more about the ride home, rain shower and manifested shelter until the following day …

Sunday morning came bright and early, and my good friend Donna was scheduled to pick me up mid-morning. Our plans to hang out at the beach in place weeks before; sun, ocean waves and catching up with our lives, under the umbrella–toes in the sand and the traditional champagne toast.
As luck or fate would have it, there were no available parking spots open. It’s funny how energy carries an idea to many at once or directs you to what you need to learn or experience, sometimes, I’m not sure which.  Bring in Plan B:

Drop off beach stuff, park at my house, and walk 10 minutes back to the beach. Unloading the beach paraphernalia, I realized that I had forgotten a hair tie. It was particularly warm–outside of south Florida, I would have said HOT, and it is more comfortable to have my shoulder-length hair off my neck and back out of my face out-of-the-way.

If Donna asked me to drive her car back to my house, saving her the walk, I would grab a hair tie  from my home. As this thought was passing through my brains circuitry, she handed me the cooler, and air mattress, shouting, “I”ll meet you on the beach, my umbrella is the Tommy Bahama tan & blue….” I picked up my backpack and begun to cross the brick pavers toward the water. I hadn’t taken more than about 10 steps when I looked down and there was a hair tie. I stopped, totally amazed, and picked it up and quickly used it to tie my hair back, getting it off my neck and feeling not only the breeze, but noticeably cooler.

Wow, I thought, this is the second time in two days that exactly what I needed  literally appeared before me at exactly the right time.  Was this really a bigger metaphor for my life? All of our lives?  And, how often did we miss it or look the other way, or resist the gift? (In the case of the used hair tie, for example.  For all you germ-a-phobs I reasoned that the salt water would certainly kill anything, if necessary. Smiling.)

If we can keep out mind open, I believe ideas, opportunities and situations are given to us as gifts. The people we’re supposed to meet? The jobs we’re supposed to get . . .  The question is always,  do we say yes, or do we say no?   The choice is ours. Not all gifts are packaged how we “envision”.  And, if it doesn’t look the way our ego thinks it should, do we throw the opportunity away?  Do we set up too much criteria?  Too many half to’s and close the very door or window we’ve been waiting to open?

All this to say, just notice. And, maybe, just maybe, be open to something ‘different’ than you expected, but shows up at the exact moment you need it!  What about a “Yes”, and not a “Yea, but . . .”?

“Inspired Wellness from Within”

Cathy Silver, HC

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