Turn Off The News

BeachI don’t watch the news.  I feel if there is something important, someone will let me know.  It has been this way for years.  I don’t want to be enrolled into the fear-based media which breeds more fear and which does not serve me personally—ever—because fear turns off my light and yours too.

Why would I want to participate in anything that extinguishes my light; we are here to be lighthouses and shine the light which transforms us—and transforms our world.  When I do occasionally catch something on television news, it more often than not focuses on one extremely unbalanced act of tragedy—or dysfunction rather than the 10,000+ acts of goodness, beauty, and kindness that exist every day in our neighborhoods, cities, states and world.  Neighbor helping neighbor; good Samaritans coming to the aid of strangers, or the hundreds and thousands other acts of benevolence that take place each day.

Lately, it has been Ebola, groups who want to terrorize, the mudslinging between our politicians or bad behaving NFL players. Let the experts address these issues.  Instead, isn’t it healthier for us and more astute to ask yourself what is new and good in your life?  Even if you’ve had a challenging day—think of something that made you smile.  Perhaps it is time to look at life, not through the eyes of fear, but the strength of love and compassion.  And, the little acts that bring you joy.

I’ve always felt that when the news can create fear and terror— in populations—in us—control can more easily be achieved.  After all fear is used to sell many goods and services because it works—everything from insurance to home protection—and beyond.  Remember, what we focus on grows and expands.  Have you ever wondered why the hypochondriac always seems to get the very disease they fear?  Perhaps it is really time to focus on what we want; where we can bring some goodness and light to our own personal corner of the world. Words spoken out loud in personal affirmations are powerful when done in the present “I AM ___________.” (healthy, magnificent, balanced, giver of light, and so on.)

Try a meditation or a walk that transports you to a place of peace—imagine yourself sitting at the beach with the sun on your face listening to the waves with a palm tree at your back—or sitting on a big boulder in the middle of a mountain stream—listening to the sounds of the water whirling over the rocks, the birds singing and feeling the refreshing vibrant energy of the lush green plants and beautiful trees on either side of the river bank.  From there, begin to send love and compassion to the world.   You know, there can be no darkness when there is light.  So, flip “on” your light switch and send out love and light to yourself, to your family and neighbors or whoever is in need—at some level—we are all family after all.  Send out compassion to the world for the highest good without an attachment of what it must look like.  Thoughts are things, and are more powerful than we realize; those waves of light-filled energy will touch others in so many unseen ways—invisible—and unexplainable—just like gravity, magnetics and the feelings of love.  If we want to make a difference in our own lives—as well as others—raising the vibration everywhere—spend  just a minute and visualize this light going out from your heart touching thousands.  The most powerful thing we might do today—changing the world by our thoughts right from our chairs.  Truth is light. What a concept.  Today, raise your vibration, send out light to the world—and turn off the news!

“There are no rules, only suggestion.” Richard Bartlett

“Inspired Wellness from Within”


Mountain Stream 

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  1. Hello and good afternoon Cathy. my first time to read your blog. awesome and i promise to read it more often. regarding TURN OFF THE NEWS. i agree with you that all of the news stations that exist in one form or another. has news that is more negative, horrible, ignorance and fearful then there is positive. but regarding being the light, there is nothing on the news or in this world that can take our light away. heck we could be placed in chains and in a locked cellar with no windows and it still can not take our light away. we have eyes, but we can not see around a corner. we have voice, but we can not be heard a100 miles away and we have touch, but we can only reach so far. the light that we all have instilled inside of us can never be turned off, but it can be shaded, obscured or even forgotten. for example your blog is news to those that read or follow it. those that read it are informed, inspired, enchanted, aware, found or even rescued and other so much more. the light we have and share is universal and infinite. it is to be shared and used to live a life of fullness, loveness and joyous! the news indirectly is just a tool to allow us to know what is happening around our world, around our country, around our cities, around our neighborhood, around our streets and around our block. in the past these news came from the voices of travelers. now it comes from tv, radio, paper, internet and cell phones. for some of us yes it’s fearful, horrible and sickening, these are the ones who have been blinded by the crap, lies, cheats, thieves and murderers that exist in this world. because we have the light, we must be careful on how we awaken the light in others, just like the light we have is universal and infinite, so is darkness. the creator of our sun, also is the creator of our moon and stars. so where there is positive, there is negative. were there is happiness, there is sadness, where there is life, there is death and were there is love, there is hatred! the tactic in sharing the light is to share it not just to the positive, but also to the negative. i do not know where all of this writing is coming from, but i am certain it is from the light within that we all have to share! ps: man i need to sit down with someone and record the conversation! thank you for your touch!!!!

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