Metaphors, Signs & Symbols: The Language of Spirit

Snake MedicineSpirit has  talked to us in metaphors, symbols, signs and parables since the beginning of time, and throughout our history. Have you noticed thought blocks and answers that appear so fast, they couldn’t have come from the synapses of your brain; a knowing? This happens to all of us but often we don’t take the time to listen during the course of our busy task-filled days. And if we do,  we are “outvoted” by the left side of our brain, or others around us telling us it isn’t so and, may even use the word crazy or ridiculous. (Smiling)

Some of us are not even aware that the possibility exists—messages delivered in this way. I know this was new for me– some years ago.  However, I reasoned not why, but why not?  This is the honored “third” language; the language or communication of spirit. We are all given the opportunity to talk to God, Spirit, Source or All That Is and they to us. It is a two way communication, but it’s not linear and it’s not in the spoken word.  But, the question is, do we listen?

Today as I walked the familiar route on the beautiful and still not too hot morning,  I rounded the corner and headed south on the newly renovated and landscaped sidewalk.  I paused to adjust my ear buds and a large black snake slithered across the sidewalk about 20 feet ahead of me. I stopped. I watched fascinated—as he disappeared into the small neatly trimmed hedge. Hum. All the times I had walked this walk, I had never seen a snake. In fact, I hadn’t even seen one in my yard. It reminded me of the small garner snakes of the Northwest, but much larger. Not at all startled, I continued on my way.

It wasn’t until hours later that it suddenly dawned on me—was this a message that I had almost overlooked?

There are many resources for animal totems, and we all have our favorite sources—no matter what subject. Animal Speak by Ted Andrew has always been mine regarding this subject. According to Ted, the cornerstone of snake “medicine” or totem means: Rebirth, Resurrection, Initiation and Wisdom.

He notes that the snake has always been a symbol of death and rebirth and snake medicine people are those that move between the realms of life and death for healing and for enlightenment. “Snakes are symbols of change and healing. They have speed and agility, so those who have snakes come into their life will usually find the changes and shifts occur quickly and are soon recognized and defined. When snake comes into your life you can look for a rebirth into new powers of creativity and wisdom.”

Messages from our Animals

The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small

Now, what makes this so significant for me, is this comes on the heels of birthing a retreat called SOUL to SOUL—for people who have lost a loved one—and want to connect with them—on the Otherside of the veil. This retreat is about Healing & Growing . . . Love & Purpose.

More to come . . . but it seems I have the green light from Spirit! Now, what animal has shown up in your life—and what is its message to you?

“Inspired Wellness from Within”

Cathy Silver, HC

Kittygate . . .

The debate and comments continue about the Red Tent, aka “kittygate” here in Delray Beach, Florida.  The polarity is quite astounding and I find myself drawn to blog once again, and ask, what is the bigger picture? Can we not live in harmony with the  animals?  Does everything have to conform to our will and whim?  Are versions of reality so different and our hearts so hardened and fear so rampant we cannot see fit to bring compassion to this situation?  This drama happening at the Red Tent has both sides firmly entrench in their beliefs based on their version of reality and of right and wrong. I still believe this is the shifting consciousness playing out but pose some rhetorical questions for the audience to ponder.

Taking this situation to the 10,000 foot level, can we extrapolate,  and ask: are we a microcosm for our current world? One side warring against beliefs of loving and compassionate acts of feeding, “nature”? Or the Oneness of us all? And, what I dare ask might be the bigger purpose of animals in our lives?

How do these and ALL animals fit into our world? Are they here to bring balance in our circles of energy? The balance of Mother Earth? After all, they do not carry hidden agendas. Certainly we know how much love pets bring to others, by the profound grief their owners experience when they leave. Love is an energy that cannot be defined but we can never forget our personal experience or hardly explain it to another.

Cats--Part of the flavor of divinity.

Cats–Part of the flavor of divinity.

And how can we judge these acts of kindness and caring? Lisa is a healer after all.  How can this be compartmentalized–one minute she is–and the next minute she is not?  In the Hindu tradition, Shasthi, the goddess of childbirth is depicted riding upon a cat. Hum–another level of energy and meaning?

Are traditional  domestic animals here to be loved and to love? So what about the wild ones? Are they excluded from love and caring? And just because that may not be our  way, is another way any less valued or important? Do the wild cats actually give us an opportunity to show compassion and unconditional love stretching us to look outside our point of view, habits, assumptions, and attitudes? Can we step aside to see the oneness and connectedness of our existence? Do these animals, by their very divine purpose of creation bring balance and centering for many who enter the Red Tent?  Are they here to help humanity? Are the cats in this story divine universal workers? The soup of divinity has many different flavors? Are they part of the flavor of God?

Are the animals here to support humanity while peace develops on earth? In the USA? In Florida?  In Delray Beach?  At the Red Tent? Peace on Earth must begin inside us.  We can no longer look outside and wait for others. Our acts of kindness and  compassion, will open our hearts and minds; spreading the light right here in a place that energetically is calling out for help.

“Realize that there are many things in the world for which no cause shall be found; not because it does not exist, but because we know to little to find it.”
Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

Be Well, and with Love and Light,


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