Changes Deep Within Our Cells? You Decide!

Lightning_Bolt_by_UndeadSamurai01A meteorologist will profess thunder and lightning is simply the mixture of two fronts; warm and cool air colliding. Yet, is thunder and lightning a deeper message from Mother Nature and spirit? Is there a deeper meaning?  Does this effect our DNA in a quantum way? We are becoming very clear how vibration, sound and light therapy can be used in therapeutic ways. Could it be about cleansing and change? Does the earth respond to human consciousness and we to it? Do we respond to this intense energy at the level of our cells? Is energy the great equalizer–bringing things together, and taking them apart?  Could this intense energy be seen as the rector or tinker toy set in the universe? After all, trees, mountains, beaches–and cities may stand for centuries only to be changed in a single storm.

Way beyond our physical awareness of wind, clouds, lightening, thunder and pouring rain, is a storm–just a storm?  Are thunderstorms like dramatic performances? At at the conclusion we are forever altered? Some of us, I know, even taking our last breaths as the expressions we are, as our soul moves into another dimension and reality?

Most of us, just notice the rain. The downpour coming off the roof tops and splashing out of gutters, flooded streets and the speed of our wipers tracking across our windshields. We notice and acknowledge the intensity of the lightning. Often times, it has stopped me in my tracks as it shakes my home.  We may certainly call it  energy in its purest form. And if energy cannot be created or destroyed, what does it reshape? Listen to the thunder sometime–a cacophony of sounds.  But do we really understand its true meaning and purpose? Maybe someday we will! Thoughts to ponder.  But for me,  I will never look and listen at a thunderstorm with the same eyes and meaning again.


2 Responses

  1. You may well indeed be onto something here. I read once that all weather is the physical manifestation we ‘see’ and a reflection of hyper-dimensional activity on other plain’s of existence…..if you believe in such things. Nice post………

    • Thanks for your comment. I believe that anything is possible, and we have only just begun to scratch the surface of the interconnectedness and entanglement between everything !

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