‘De-Stressing’ our Lives

Maybe a small Herb Garden would fit you?

Maybe a small Herb Garden would fit you?

I awoke this morning–my “to do” list seemed to grow overnight.  The last several weeks have been fraught with mechanical breakdowns; the aging air conditioner, my car battery, a cantankerous refrigerator, a hairline crack in my iPad, taxes, keeping my household’s daily maintenance and routine flowing as smoothly as possible–and  fulfilling my purposeful health coaching practice demands.  All good!  I reminded myself this week, there is no destination, yet the journey is at times challenging!

Each of us in our own way–on our own schedule is juggling  work, health, activities, relationships–and life.  So how do we “de-stress” our lives?  After all, stress is a big factor that contributes to dis-ease and illness.

I began my day, with good intentions, and a few minutes of quiet meditation.  Sunday, a wonderful yoga class offered at the gym and has quickly become a ‘new tradition’ over the past 12 months.  I look forward to the familiar melodious voice of the instructor as he drives the poses, stretches, and breathing.  Each minute that passes seems to pull the tension from the muscles and space within my body at some level of unconscious awareness.  Leaving class after the traditional “Namaste”, I always feel much lighter.  Ah, what great stress reliever.

Relieving stress is as important as organic food, positive thoughts, healthy careers, supportive relationships, creativity & sound home environments.  Each spoke on the wheel reinforcing the integrity of the hub–in this case–us.  Frequently and chronically we lead stressful, frenzied lives full of anxiety.  We all to often struggle to balance all of our roles and then wonder not only why we can’t do it all–but why happiness and joy seem to allude us as well.  The conundrum of modern life.  Where is the harmony? Perhaps, staying true to ourselves, accepting and enjoying the simple pleasures which create lasting happiness and realizing the craziness must take a backseat wherever possible!  Simplify.

How do you de-stress your life?  I’d love to hear.   I’ve come up with a few  suggestions that I offer you today.  See if any of these resonate with you.  For me, when things spiral upward, my reprieve is a few quiet moments sitting on the beach–listening and watching the waves.

  • Take a walk
  • Try a warm bubble bath
  • Choose healthy relationships that support you
  • Listen to music
  • Get creative; write, paint or draw
  • Try aromatherapy such as lavender oil
  • Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea
  • Take yourself to a “time-out” for 5 minutes peace
  • Start a small garden that gives you pleasure and gets you into nature
  • Prioritize and eliminate the non-essential.
  • Give yourself permission and know that most things can wait and the world will not fall apart if they don’t get done TODAY!
  • Laugh
  • Food affects our emotions and our mood; pick wisely.
  • Breathe

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