Turn Off The News

BeachI don’t watch the news.  I feel if there is something important, someone will let me know.  It has been this way for years.  I don’t want to be enrolled into the fear-based media which breeds more fear and which does not serve me personally—ever—because fear turns off my light and yours too.

Why would I want to participate in anything that extinguishes my light; we are here to be lighthouses and shine the light which transforms us—and transforms our world.  When I do occasionally catch something on television news, it more often than not focuses on one extremely unbalanced act of tragedy—or dysfunction rather than the 10,000+ acts of goodness, beauty, and kindness that exist every day in our neighborhoods, cities, states and world.  Neighbor helping neighbor; good Samaritans coming to the aid of strangers, or the hundreds and thousands other acts of benevolence that take place each day.

Lately, it has been Ebola, groups who want to terrorize, the mudslinging between our politicians or bad behaving NFL players. Let the experts address these issues.  Instead, isn’t it healthier for us and more astute to ask yourself what is new and good in your life?  Even if you’ve had a challenging day—think of something that made you smile.  Perhaps it is time to look at life, not through the eyes of fear, but the strength of love and compassion.  And, the little acts that bring you joy.

I’ve always felt that when the news can create fear and terror— in populations—in us—control can more easily be achieved.  After all fear is used to sell many goods and services because it works—everything from insurance to home protection—and beyond.  Remember, what we focus on grows and expands.  Have you ever wondered why the hypochondriac always seems to get the very disease they fear?  Perhaps it is really time to focus on what we want; where we can bring some goodness and light to our own personal corner of the world. Words spoken out loud in personal affirmations are powerful when done in the present “I AM ___________.” (healthy, magnificent, balanced, giver of light, and so on.)

Try a meditation or a walk that transports you to a place of peace—imagine yourself sitting at the beach with the sun on your face listening to the waves with a palm tree at your back—or sitting on a big boulder in the middle of a mountain stream—listening to the sounds of the water whirling over the rocks, the birds singing and feeling the refreshing vibrant energy of the lush green plants and beautiful trees on either side of the river bank.  From there, begin to send love and compassion to the world.   You know, there can be no darkness when there is light.  So, flip “on” your light switch and send out love and light to yourself, to your family and neighbors or whoever is in need—at some level—we are all family after all.  Send out compassion to the world for the highest good without an attachment of what it must look like.  Thoughts are things, and are more powerful than we realize; those waves of light-filled energy will touch others in so many unseen ways—invisible—and unexplainable—just like gravity, magnetics and the feelings of love.  If we want to make a difference in our own lives—as well as others—raising the vibration everywhere—spend  just a minute and visualize this light going out from your heart touching thousands.  The most powerful thing we might do today—changing the world by our thoughts right from our chairs.  Truth is light. What a concept.  Today, raise your vibration, send out light to the world—and turn off the news!

“There are no rules, only suggestion.” Richard Bartlett

“Inspired Wellness from Within”


Mountain Stream 

‘De-Stressing’ our Lives

Maybe a small Herb Garden would fit you?

Maybe a small Herb Garden would fit you?

I awoke this morning–my “to do” list seemed to grow overnight.  The last several weeks have been fraught with mechanical breakdowns; the aging air conditioner, my car battery, a cantankerous refrigerator, a hairline crack in my iPad, taxes, keeping my household’s daily maintenance and routine flowing as smoothly as possible–and  fulfilling my purposeful health coaching practice demands.  All good!  I reminded myself this week, there is no destination, yet the journey is at times challenging!

Each of us in our own way–on our own schedule is juggling  work, health, activities, relationships–and life.  So how do we “de-stress” our lives?  After all, stress is a big factor that contributes to dis-ease and illness.

I began my day, with good intentions, and a few minutes of quiet meditation.  Sunday, a wonderful yoga class offered at the gym and has quickly become a ‘new tradition’ over the past 12 months.  I look forward to the familiar melodious voice of the instructor as he drives the poses, stretches, and breathing.  Each minute that passes seems to pull the tension from the muscles and space within my body at some level of unconscious awareness.  Leaving class after the traditional “Namaste”, I always feel much lighter.  Ah, what great stress reliever.

Relieving stress is as important as organic food, positive thoughts, healthy careers, supportive relationships, creativity & sound home environments.  Each spoke on the wheel reinforcing the integrity of the hub–in this case–us.  Frequently and chronically we lead stressful, frenzied lives full of anxiety.  We all to often struggle to balance all of our roles and then wonder not only why we can’t do it all–but why happiness and joy seem to allude us as well.  The conundrum of modern life.  Where is the harmony? Perhaps, staying true to ourselves, accepting and enjoying the simple pleasures which create lasting happiness and realizing the craziness must take a backseat wherever possible!  Simplify.

How do you de-stress your life?  I’d love to hear.   I’ve come up with a few  suggestions that I offer you today.  See if any of these resonate with you.  For me, when things spiral upward, my reprieve is a few quiet moments sitting on the beach–listening and watching the waves.

  • Take a walk
  • Try a warm bubble bath
  • Choose healthy relationships that support you
  • Listen to music
  • Get creative; write, paint or draw
  • Try aromatherapy such as lavender oil
  • Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea
  • Take yourself to a “time-out” for 5 minutes peace
  • Start a small garden that gives you pleasure and gets you into nature
  • Prioritize and eliminate the non-essential.
  • Give yourself permission and know that most things can wait and the world will not fall apart if they don’t get done TODAY!
  • Laugh
  • Food affects our emotions and our mood; pick wisely.
  • Breathe

Yogotta Know This-Inga Shots-10

New Year’s Cake

Find your peaceful inner-grace.

Find your peaceful inner-grace.


1 Sincere scoop of COMPASSION
2 Heaping cups of PATIENCE
2 Hands full of GENEROSITY
1 Heartfelt spoonful INNER PEACE
1 Head full of UNDERSTANDING
Sprinkle generously with KINDNESS
ADD frequent Dashes of laughter and joy

Add plenty of BELIEF and mix well.
Frost with SELF-WORTH
Top with a candle of LIGHT

Spread over a period of a lifetime and serve to all–strangers included.

Memories make delicious leftovers!

Happy 2013!

Be Well– and with Love and Light,

Happy 2013!
Happy 2013!

Morning Mediation

Bright green parrots screaming, flying wildly over head
Jet plane passes on , familiar loud reverberation
Fish tail palms , rustling leaves–brushing, swaying, summer breeze
Quietly, sitting, breathing, noticing
And life goes on

Orange and white cat meows
Another plane zooms on
Morning coffee ritual waits
Motorcycle passing on the street
Leaves falling silently to the ground.
Quietly, sitting, breathing, noticing
And life goes on.

Another plane passing overhead
Orange cat meows again–meow–meow–meow, relentless–meow.
Flowers swaying from the breeze; welcome glorious summer’s end.
Silence comes briefly, and is gone; broken, distinct, conflicting;
The throaty Harley ambles on.
Quietly, sitting, breathing, noticing
And life goes on.

Little birds chirp their cheerful tune
Car drives on
In the distance I hear the siren racing frantically to its call–echo–echo–echo.
Cars passing, kids playing, baby crying, A/C back on
Quietly, sitting, breathing, noticing
And life goes on

Silently I breathe
Gentle wind blows
Warming Sun, reaching rays, invisibly touching, laughing, adorning my skin
Meow, cat rubbing against my leg.
Birds are back, cackling, calling, singing out
Squirrels warns, sentinel alert, A/C unit on, plane thunders, racing, rushing far above-destination unknown.

Meow, Meow, Meow

Here I am to meditate,
Quietly, sitting, breathing, noticing
And life goes on

White noise in my mind, always turning, always working, always thinking
Another plane above

Dog barking, doors shutting, starlings squawking, more planes flying on
Silently I breathe quieting my mind–ah finally, quietness a reflection of my soul.
Oops, another plane, another horn, a/c cycles once again, noisy parrots back, green.
Blending, expanding, growing, witnessing, feeling, . . . The Question . . . The Moment.
Quietly, sitting, breathing, noticing
And life goes on.

Cathy Silver

“That’s why so many of us teach meditation. Because when you stop thought, you stop resistant thought. When you stop resistant thought, then you let it in. That’s why we teach appreciation, because when you’re in appreciation, you are not in the mode of resistance, and you are letting it in. ”
— Abraham


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