“Greens” A New Food Group?

Forest green, avocado green, lime green, Kelly green , electric green or moss-green to name a few “greens”. Each conjures up a different image. Each descriptive color green may trigger a unique memory; each may hold a different meaning. Did you know Green is the second favorite color after blue, and occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye? Energy practitioners know green as the color of the heart chakra. Interior Designers know it relaxes us, soothes us and gives as a sense of harmony. Nutrition coaches know it for the color of health and well-being! Ugh, your Mother was right? How does “green” support our health and well-being?

Ah, well-being? Was Mother Nature trying to tell us something? Today, For all of its recommendations and accolades, green is most commonly missing in our daily diet. Green Vegetables, especially dark and leafy are essential to a healthy body and healthy immune system. Green vegetables help to replenish our alkaline mineral reserves and help to filter out pollutants. They strengthen your blood and respiratory systems. Nutritionally greens are very high in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, and vitamins A, C, E, K. They are loaded with fiber, folic acid, chlorophyll, micronutrients and phytochemicals. ( Various bioactive chemical compounds found in plants, such as antioxidants, beneficial to human health.)

My Delicious Green Shake

Consuming more greens gives you a healthy glow, beautiful skin, &¬†more energy. It helps your body with blood purification, cancer prevention and improved circulation. If that’s not enough, greens improve liver, gall bladder and kidney function. They clear congestion especially in the lungs by reducing mucus. And as an added bonus, they promote subtle, light and flexible energy.

There is a wide variety to choose from and easy to incorporate into what you eat. Enjoy them often. My personal favorite is my green breakfast shake. Easy, quick, portable, delicious, energizing and fun and a great way to start the day! CHEERS! “To your good health.”

Another variation of my green smoothie:

3-4 handfuls of organic baby spinach
2-3 large organic kale leaves, rinsed
1 avocado (including the pit if your blender can handle it.)
Scoop of raw organic powered greens such as Green Organics International –www.thepowerofph.com
1 frozen banana
1/2 -3/4 frozen raspberries
1/2 organic cucumber sliced.
And fresh lemon and some Organic Flax Oil to taste if you like

Blend and enjoy! I make a big pitcher and put the extra in jars in the fridge. Always ready for a quick snack, or with me in the car. ūüôā

Be well,



Treasure Hunting

Reef belowI’m not really sure how deliberate synchronization materializes for swimmers as they bend and sway with¬†each other in unison. A choreographed underwater dance, but I imagined it feels and looks quite similar as I¬†observed the protected coral reef this past weekend in the Keys. The small tiny forest bending and swaying¬†with the current in exquisite and breath taking beauty.

Breathing deliberately and with focused intention I took in the unique textures and the colors that existed in the small universe, from behind the face mask. The inhabitants totally unaware and seemingly carefree as we swam freely among them. The hundreds of brightly colored fish, warm water lobsters, conch and unnamed sea creatures who live in the silent world beneath the air in the warm tropical clear blue water is something we have all watched with Jacques Cousteau or National Geographic. However to experience it is something to behold, somewhat of a bucket list entry.

The inviting bright blue waters of the Caribbean have always held a fascinating intrigue–so foreign and far¬†from the cold dark Puget Sound of the Northwest; my roots.

Breathing with a regulator is an activity my inner guidance has resisted–waving the red flag of cautiousness¬†in my mind. Nevertheless, with the promise and excitement of finding some shells I made a spontaneous¬†decision to try something new, and daring. I classified and categorized scuba in close proximity with sky¬†diving and gliding. Each a certain risk. Each a certain beauty. Each a glimpse into a world normally invisible¬†and inconceivable to our senses.

I sensed driving was similar to a wild stallion. Without mutual respect one would fail. However, with good sense and a knowledge of the sport and horse, the experience becomes rewarding and the memory becomes etched and forever locked deep in the psyche of the mind stored safely like treasures for another day. My diving experience was just that: beautiful, memorable and most of all fun!

Be Well,



If this adventure sounds right for you, contact Brent @ http://www.coralcharters.com.¬† He will be happy to help you with your treasure hunting! ūüôā

Salon M

Chere hard at work on my hair!

The Salon is in Coconut Grove.
3098 Fuller St.
Miami, FL 33133

Darkening roots, unmanageable hair. It was time once again to see my friend and very talented hairstylist, Chere, extraordinaire. In spite of close to gridlock traffic surrounding the ever continuing road construction (sigh) and the hour+ drive south, I was excited to have my hair coiffed, shaped and highlighted. Once revitalization was complete, I always felt like a million dollars; sexy and ready to take on the world. Bouncing into the salon late from the snarled freeway mess, Chere was already hard at work with her first client. I kissed her on the cheek, hello.
“I found a gym, I am spinning” she gushed, excited as her face formed a big smile. Instinctively, I congratulated her and smiled back. I want to hear all about your new gym I said, as she pointed for me to don the familiar black salon smock in preparation.
Settling in to her chair we chatted, catching up on our lives and how things had been going since my last visit months before.
You know, I am exercising because of you she beamed. Me, I said? Your example and your enthusiasm, she mused. I was speechless for a moment. Yes, I reflected.
Many times I had encouraged her to workout; she knew the benefits. For me my daily workout is a lifestyle choice; brushing my teeth is another. When I miss a day, there is something lost–and I guess I showed up that way each time I sat in her chair. My motto: lead by example.
It was a terrific day, but what pleased me most was Chere’s commitment to herself, and her own well-being. She seemed happier, more energetic and slimmer. I felt good as I headed to find my car. The gym is a tough leap sometimes, and it takes commitment, but she had done it! We both felt good. As I pulled out of the parking lot I thought, Chere, “You Rock; Keep up the good work!”

Be Well,

Retail Therapy

Why is it that sometimes, women need to get stress relief from a department store or mall? Do I speak for the gender, or a small minority? Today, I choose my therapy this way. Why, you may wonder, like a close girlfriend sitting across the table, staring intently and waiting patiently for me to continue; seconds passing like time without end.

Caught in a trap weeks ago, I was pulled over by the somewhat arrogant and righteous motorcycle cop as a passed through a (my opinion) poorly marked school zone. It felt like entrapment as I sat in the car waiting for the officer to approach my window. School zone violation; big trouble!

Rallied by a close friend and his attorney brother upon hearing my confession of the morning event, they declared, ‘You must go to court!’ “What”‘, I said, as my stomach knotted with angst and I fought back the tears. How could a simple offense bring such fear? I tried to logically make sense of my emotional fragility. My normally strong demeanor had vanished. And so it was that I visited the downtown Broward County courthouse for my first pre-trial court appointment. Room 241, the computer printout directed me upstairs.

Within minutes I had stood before the judge. Everyone of us there for some traffic violation. Wow, I thought to myself silently, what a dependable source of steady income for the County; a whole industry based in the procurement of minor violations. The boring routine of the clerks catches my attention. They sit in proximity to the judge Busily attending to the volumes of paper, like nurses on some ward, recording decisions, and dosages making notes for a future time or date. I observe the obligatory stamp. ” NEXT!”

And it was over for the moment. I get to return to face the officer armed with my photographs of the poorly marked school zone. Face to face. In the meantime, and to sooth my battered emotional state, I treat myself to lunch and splurge, adding a glass of white wine. Yes, looking for a new pair of shoes and new lipstick definitely shifted my afternoon.

Conquering this fear today, and maybe for a lifetime, I will walk through the door one more time. I know this experience is important. I know it will make me stronger. I know this is part of my journey. I challenge you to face something that you fear today. We do not come with all the answers, and I believe co-create these lessons. As the eternal beings we are, there are many mysteries which escape our intellect. I feel this is one of mine.

Be well,


“Having climbed certain peaks you’ll descend no more, but spread your wings and fly beyond.” Messiah’s Handbook

Today I get to be pampered

Serenity and Freshness

Plumeria often found planted around Asian temples and honored by the Buddhists

I can only speak for myself, but in the past I often felt guilty of what I consider luxury indulgences. Today was no acceptation, ¬†but I justified it was my ‘birthday month’ and was reminded by another passing year that I must take care of my skin and therefore made an appointment for a facial.

Almost an hour and a half of attention devoted to me, I sunk into the meditative atmosphere that filled the room; dark, quiet and soothing. Tranquilizing music played softly in the background easily transporting me to another dimension–that place of no-time, allowing me to forget about the burdens and weight of the world we all feel at times. ¬†(No wonder Atlas Shrugged)
Beautiful Carlota  has done this for 25 years.  Her work is her passion and she is caring and nurturing. A Cancer herself,  lavishes her patrons with her enthusiasm and expertise, suggesting extras which she generously includes in her nominal price.  Her service compares with the finest luxurious spas of which I have experienced!

My skin seemed to glow as I looked in the mirror trying to brush it back into something acceptable for public viewing. I felt calm and relaxed. Life was good I reminded myself.  Maybe, this is not the extreme luxury I had categorized it to be.   Something can be said by the way I felt walking out, as I gave Carlota a big goodbye hug. Yes, I will have to do this again.

If you want to make an appointment for yourself, Carlota (Esthetician & massage therapist) can be reached at 561-347-2972 .  Her specialty includes: Bio-Energy massages, lymphatic drainage and facials.

Remember “Energy is everything”. Carlota’s bio-energy massages begin with the belief that the body is energy.¬† This energy¬†emanates from the “mind” and explains the importance of the mind-body connection.¬† Because of the constant stress¬†in our lives, this energy can get blocked. Carlota uses subtle energy techniques to free these blockages–¬†which to you feel as calming, relaxing and renewed.¬†Unfortunately, lymphatic drainage is usually necessary after surgery, as the lymph glands are often removed by the¬†doctors as “unnecessary”.¬† This is most commonly done with breast cancer.¬† The lymph glands are there to¬†rid your body of toxins.¬† However, without the body’s lymph glands, fluid accumulates and a specialized¬†massage is often necessary to encourage movement to remove the swelling and the excess accumulation¬†of fluids.¬†

Carlotta is certified in this specialized massage technique.

“It’s not important what others think of you, but it’s very important what you think of yourself.”
–The Zen Book

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