Did You Have Fun?

Many would argue that the rigors of travel, the time change, the long days, and early mornings could be blamed for the cold I am experiencing at the moment. Science might argue that riding on a plane and sitting in a room of over 400 people from around the globe singing the language of lights quantum style could be blamed.  There are germs—after all!

However, I believe that this choir, my fourth, which took place in Chamonix, France last week was a huge vibratory shift and upgrade in my essence; and my biology is now catching up to this “new” higher vibration. (Many choir members are reporting on Facebook their own shifts and instantaneous changes in their lives as well.) Nearly, 5000 miles from home in the French Alps, sitting in the shadow of Mont Blanc approximately 400 of us from over 33 countries sang tones releasing energies contained within time capsules onto the planet through paired nulls and nodes.  These multi-dimensional time capsules are also held in our DNA, Gaia and within the dolphins and whales. These energies of “information” were placed here thousands of years ago by our seed parents, the Pleiadians, should we make the leap shifting into this new energy paradigm and the ultimate new human consciousness.  Fact or fiction?  You decide.

I was pulled like a tractor beam—-as were so many others who “heard the call”.  Was this my soul’s purpose at this time?  Or one of the reasons I choose to be here during this tumultuous recalibration of Earth’s history and progress as a human race reaching for a new state of consciousness? If we are eternal and forever with no beginning and no end, was this potential set by divine appointment, to assist humanity, way before we have verifiable understanding of the truth, depth and certainty carried within the quantum light language we sang?  Apparently, the Universe and Galaxy know and this knowledge is instantaneous and there is great celebration and admiration for what we are doing “down here” for “out there!” Presently, we are in a struggle between light and dark—and the chaos we see on the news certainly confirms this endeavor.  I know and can report that the light is winning!

We must get out of our boxes to see this in an astute way and realize that there are so many things that we don’t know and can’t explain.  Spontaneous remission can’t be explained by our men of science.  Germs, were invisible (until they weren’t) and were unbelievable to many upon their “discovery”.  In our limited perception, there are many things which logic, analysis and intellect cannot rationalize away. This is one of them. Esoterics are like that.  But, it doesn’t make them not true; mainstream belief is just not there yet.

So, as we sang beautiful pairs of tone combinations and tender enlightening Lemurian Lullabies to awaken our inner light (as well as the Lemurian child), the intention of the time capsules were set to respond to “compassionate action”.  We have changed our planet forever.  The melodious sounds and harmonics created within our group were pure magic—and the purpose even more cosmic. These specific tones released energy, held within the time capsules that the “Pleiadians knew we would need . . . right about now.”

Just before leaving, Dr. Todd asked me, “Did you have fun?”  Maybe I should say, it was out of this world!  Not only did I meet many wonderful souls from around the world—I feel we were an emissary of true light and love for the new potential of what is ahead for our planet. I salute Dr. Todd, Lee Carroll and Kryon—the choir directors, the united loving world of other old souls from around the world who sang with me—our ancestors and our seed parents—and my new calibration!  I wouldn’t have missed it for—the world!  As John Lennon sang in 1988 . . .

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will be as one . . .


“Inspired Wellness from Within”

Cathrine Silver, HC, AADP

Author of Riding the Light Beam; How Every Woman Can Find the Hero Inside”

Bringing in More Light . . . Compassion Choir 2013


Creating a new reality? Rewriting the future? Singing tones to the Earth?
Opening time capsules?

It sounds like science fiction: Star Wars, Stargate, Star Trek or Deep Space Nine; creative imaginative writers working for some big Hollywood production studio. Right? Wrong. But, as you already know, truth is stranger than fiction.

Like iron filings to a magnate, I was drawn to and spent this past week in Cancun, Mexico toning sacred sounds in an ancient language: two choirs singing two different sets of tones paired together. We sang  twenty-six tones,  “speaking” to our personal DNA and activating time capsules within ourselves while simultaneously speaking to and unlocking  attributes for our beloved Mother Earth, activating things called grids, nulls, nodes and more time capsules–all quantum, put in place by the ancient Pleiadians, our long lost family, from the Seven Sisters should we make it this far—and we have!

All of this unlocked by a brilliant scientific visionary, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, who served as the choir master 26,000 years ago in a civilization known as Lemruia.  Over the last dozen years he has remembered precise patterns to trigger the opening of our pineal glands, beginning to awaken and transform us– humanity– to a more compassionate race and sending information to the universes and galaxies beyond, tapping into a deep level of “quantum reality.”  These seen and unseen, male-female, inward-outward, giving-receiving, and compassion-allowing energies create a very real and profound experience recognized in our awareness or not. These tones mine information stored within our Akashic records, opening channels of telepathy, aiding in transformation without limits, activating the third eye and tying us into a quantum connection with All There Is.

Fascinating esoteric stuff–invisible–like gravity, magnetics or the feelings of love—but based in physics and way beyond my technical expertise. Yet it resonates as Truth for me and that is why I share it with you and why I spent this past week in Mexico with 300 others from around the world.  Everything is energy and “at the level of quantum understanding, everything in the Universe is simply waves and vibrations” including these rhythms, tones and sounds we generated together in a beautiful angelic chorus.

But, the bigger question is why? In a simple answer: Compassion. By singing and toning these unique sounds and patterns, the choir began to move humanity and birth our new reality; to help us become more astute and caring to each other no matter what corner of the world we live in. These are the beginning steps to a new foundation for humanity as we begin to move out of our current competitive dog-eat-dog fear-based world and into a world and new human consciousness that will embrace attributes such as: tolerance, temperance, generosity and integrity.

I share this vision of unlimited possibility and ask you to believe in a world of peace, love and compassion as the new structure unravels our past and the old crumbles giving way to this new outlook.  Look around and ask, Have we begun this shift? The answer is, yes. You can see glimpses as it begins to unfold—like a delicate flower opening before our very eyes. Perhaps as family members respect and honor the others’ opinions and ways of being for the first time–ever, or as simply a more cooperative spirit among your colleagues at work?  There will be a noticeable shift.  And, does it really matter how we get there? I think not, but one day we will all celebrate this new world together,  only remembering the dark barbaric ways of the past, and instead, seeing our magnificence. And that is a beautiful and divine place to be!

Inspired wellness from within,

Cathy Silver, HC

Holistic Health Coach & Wellness Warrior


For more information check www.pinealtones.com and www.kryon.com


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