Synchronicity‚ÄĒFollowing the Flow of Life


I like to think of synchronicity as the alignment of the universe and cosmic energies that support us on an unseen or invisible dimension‚ÄĒsomething that nudges us to the right place at the right time.¬† Some may call it lucky‚ÄĒothers may call it chance‚ÄĒbut I like to think of it as the magic that happens when we allow ourselves to be guided in what seems to make no sense.

I know that happened in Jacksonville this past weekend.  Even getting out of town was synchronic.  Picking up shelves, a quick bite to eat and a friend stopping to get some of my alkaline water.  All matched up with perfection.  And, with all that going on I didn’t forget to pack my tooth brush or other essentials for the overnight excursion.

While talking to another friend, I‚Äôll call him Craig, he commented at our spiritual group meeting the other night‚ÄĒthe same had brought him to the meeting.¬† He said he kept trying to push that intuitive knowing to one side.¬† Making excuses about how he didn‚Äôt have time to run by the bookstore.¬† Finally, he acquiesced and met Joanne, who told him all about the very meeting and group he had be yearning for.

My ex-husband would occasionally give me strange looks as I announced something very out of left brain sequence or logic.¬† ‚ÄúHow do you come up with these things, he would ask?‚Ä̬† They just ‚Äúpop‚ÄĚ into my head I would respond with a smile.¬† To him they seemed just too strange and out of this world to his analytical way of thinking.¬† In fact, the world is much more aligned with his rational viewpoint than my ‚Äėnavigational‚Äô way.

Perhaps, it is that we have discounted that irrational knowing is too far out of the box.¬† Perhaps, not understanding that, shall we say, the Cosmic choreography of our life-long dance in human form is guided by the potentials.¬† When we make a move‚ÄĒthe map changes‚ÄĒas well as the new potentials to create the magic we know and call synchronicity.

Do what you want with this information.¬† Call it crazy ‚ÄĒor call it egocentric‚ÄĒor give it a try.¬† Listen to the small ‚Äúvoice‚ÄĚ inside and begin to trust that everything really is in order‚ÄĒit is only too vast for us to understand its meaning and movement.¬† It is a gift that everyone has, but only you can ‚Äúunwrap‚ÄĚ the box and give it a try.¬† What freedom to know that we always have help.¬† But, we must stop all the chatter‚ÄĒfor just a moment‚ÄĒand listen!


Maybe this was the message Rocky and Bullwinkle wanted us to know so long ago, when at the end of the 30 minute segment‚ÄĒEenie meenie chili beanie, the spirits are about to speak. Are they friendly spirits? Just listen.

‚ÄúInspired Wellness from Within‚ÄĚ

Cathrine Silver, HC, AADP

“Cathy has a passion for breaking the unhealthy patterns that are overlooked and underestimated by western medicine. In partnering with her clients to promote their wellbeing, she’s had major success in decoding the biology (hidden blocks, buried feelings, etc.) that negatively impact their pain, illness, grief and overall discontent in the human journey. Clients are astonished by her knack to mine underground emotions and the root causes behind physical distress through her innate intuitive ability, problem solving and integrity; and it has earned her the nickname “Wellness Warrior” by some longstanding clients.¬† Cathy provides an ever-growing supply of resources, practices and modalities in helping her clients achieve their wellness goals.”

Endings and Beginnings; 7 Tips for Dealing with Emotions in a Healthy Way.

Closing the Despacho

Closing the Despacho Ceremony

Unless you aren’t human, you‚Äôve been experiencing your own tidal wave of change, surfacing as unsettled emotions‚ÄĒsadness, anger, fear, frustration‚ÄĒdepression. Damm, you thought you could ignore these unresolved feelings forever? Nope. The Universe and all its divine wisdom is making sure we are cleaning house; a cosmic spring cleaning for the soul. ¬†In the last few weeks, there have been huge changes stirring within us all; acknowledged or not to our conscious self. We can run but we can‚Äôt hide.

I picked up the phone and listened this morning as a tearful client and friend spoke about her father, family tensions, and huge family changes unstoppable and unfolding right before her eyes; big loss. Another woman called depressed about her failed relationship‚ÄĒand still another desperately trying to understand her abrupt ending. I have experienced my own losses over the years, but currently on a grander community scale my spiritual sisters crying safely in my kitchen at the sudden and unexpected changes in the organization we knew and loved as DTLA. Bigger than us? I think so.

The astrologers explain this energy as two powerful closely occurring eclipses and the game-changing Grand Cardinal Cross–predicated to cause earthquakes at certain points worldwide; Nicaragua already experiencing such chaos this week. We know that all this is happening, so, how do we deal with the endings and ready ourselves for the new beginnings being presented to us on a more personal level? And if not now, at some point in our life‚ÄĒwe will all be forced to look at bigger challenges whether it is the job that was lost, our divorce, a death, move or other significant emotional loss. Monday, at our group meeting, I choose to honor these changes with a ceremony called Despacho‚ÄĒone that I had witnessed months earlier.

Reflecting, to myself, that closings are normal and so is change, but some changes are harder and more painful than others. All cultures have their way of closing the old and bringing in the new. ¬†We certainly declare this every December when one year comes to an end, and we usher in the next–usually without even blinking an eye.

Our Despacho ceremony was a beautiful way to create new intentions‚ÄĒliterally “shipment or dispatch” to the universe aligning our personal powers with cosmic ones; representing what is part of our lives now, and our intentions for what is to come next. This simple but meaningful act of harmonizing and engaging ourselves in a sacred ceremony to recognize, acknowledge, and connect to all planes of our existence‚ÄĒphysical‚ÄĒmental‚ÄĒand spiritual.

Below are seven ways to help you deal and process changes in your life‚ÄĒbegin with the one that resonates with you.

  1. Find someone to just sit and listen‚ÄĒsometimes that‚Äôs all we need. A caring heart and an open ear.
  2. Journaling ‚Äď write‚ÄĒwrite‚ÄĒwrite‚ÄĒto the Universe‚ÄĒour lost loved one or to our self. Pour your heart out with an old-fashioned pencil/pen and paper.
  3. Can you tell a new story? Is there a new perspective from which to view this chaos or situation? Maybe you are the special one? The one with a much bigger purpose? Can you see that? There are no mistakes at the divine level.
  4. Can you see this situation as an opportunity to do something you never had the freedom to do before? Is this God, saying‚ÄĒgo ahead and . . .
  5. Get moving ‚Äď even just a walk around the block? Exercise reduces stress‚ÄĒand makes our mental outlook so much better.
  6. Do something for somebody else. When we are able to express our love and gratitude from the bottom of our hearts, we manifest the intention to attract more of what we are grateful for.
  7. Ask your angels and guides for help. Those unseen helpers standing by, but cosmic law says you must invite them in. Unfair‚ÄĒbut true. Talk to them!


Julie Andrews,¬† In the movie The Sound of Music as¬† Maria, advises: “When God Closes a Door, Somewhere He Opens a Window”, timely advice then and today.


‚ÄúWellness inspired from Within‚ÄĚ

Cathy Silver, H. C.

The Despacho Mandela before wrapping!

The Despacho Mandela before wrapping!




Vitamin G: A Powerful Way to Start Everyday!

Gratitude-is-the-hearts-memory-a-French-proverb1Gratitude, another key to happiness and well-being. We all know this innately, but sometimes it’s like forgetting to put our napkin in our lap or turning off the light before we exit a room.
Gratitude is more than an intellectual exercise of just giving thanks or uttering the platitude, “I feel blessed today”. Not of course that those things aren’t true, but it is the ability to really feel this emotion.¬† When we drop into our heart we activate a consciousness and create a new reality ; this is where the magic happens!

I remember saying grace every evening at the dinner table growing up.¬† It was the prerequisite to beginning the family meal, and looking back, it felt more like sitting at a red light, waiting for the signal to turn green–and permission to GO. This morning, when I look around at all the hardship and¬† daily struggle, my gratitude extends to many things in my life; I note my beautiful home, my purposeful career, my friends–and family. My boys are good,¬† my health excellent–and my parents still alive in their 80’s.¬† And, although I am no longer 30, I have more life lessons under my belt. ¬† I have more experience, wisdom and insight that melds with who I have become today.¬† I look forward to whatever the future brings.

So, gratitude for me is about really feeling it in my heart. It’s yours to own as well when we are able to get out of our head. The heart, is 5000 times more powerful than our left-brain intellect. The hearts mystery contains the powerful feminine-side of our emotions, feelings and love. It is the seed which is able to move mountains–that tiny seed when nurtured is able to grow through the toughest conditions.¬† It all begins with intention. Do we show love and have gratitude for our earth, the plants and animals–our forests and oceans and all the abundance contained therein?

I send the challenge out to you too: gratitude for 60 seconds today? And, if you are having a really “bad”day, can you think of just one thing–and then notice how you feel? What about one more? Better huh. On a good day these things are easy– but the power comes when we are challenged. So, what do you have gratitude for, and what does it feel like when we choose from our heart?¬† After all, recent studies indicate, about 40 percent of our own happiness is entirely within our control.¬† What if it was even higher than that?¬† 100 percent?¬† Who knows?

A massage for our soul, certainly our mind, and also the place the seeds to health, and wellness are nurtured and grow.  And, by the way, gratitude and happiness include at wide range of health benefits for us including, less incidence of strokes.  We have better immunity against colds and flu.  We have less pain, lower cortisol levels, less stress and inflammation in our body. Like a beautiful garden, see what shows up in your life when the seeds of gratitude are planted! Better than any supplement. Happy is healthy. Have you had your energetic and transforming Vitamin G today?


Cathy Silver, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Warrior

‘De-Stressing’ our Lives

Maybe a small Herb Garden would fit you?

Maybe a small Herb Garden would fit you?

I awoke this morning–my “to do” list seemed to grow overnight.¬† The last several weeks have been fraught with mechanical breakdowns; the aging air conditioner, my car battery, a cantankerous refrigerator, a hairline crack in my iPad, taxes, keeping my household’s daily maintenance and routine flowing as smoothly as possible–and¬† fulfilling my purposeful health coaching practice demands.¬† All good!¬† I reminded myself this week, there is no destination, yet the journey is at times challenging!

Each of us in our own way–on our own schedule is juggling¬† work, health, activities, relationships–and life.¬† So how do we “de-stress” our lives?¬† After all, stress is a big factor that contributes to dis-ease and illness.

I began my day, with good intentions, and a few minutes of quiet meditation.¬† Sunday, a wonderful yoga class offered at the gym and has quickly become a ‘new tradition’ over the past 12 months.¬† I look forward to the familiar melodious voice of the instructor as he drives the poses, stretches, and breathing.¬† Each minute that passes seems to pull the tension from the muscles and space within my body at some level of unconscious awareness.¬† Leaving class after the traditional “Namaste”, I always feel much lighter.¬† Ah, what great stress reliever.

Relieving stress is as important as organic food, positive thoughts, healthy careers, supportive relationships, creativity & sound home environments.¬† Each spoke on the wheel reinforcing the integrity of the hub–in this case–us.¬† Frequently and chronically we lead stressful, frenzied lives full of anxiety.¬† We all to often struggle to balance all of our roles and then wonder not only why we can’t do it all–but why happiness and joy seem to allude us as well.¬† The conundrum of modern life.¬† Where is the harmony? Perhaps, staying true to ourselves, accepting and enjoying the simple pleasures which create lasting happiness and realizing the craziness must take a backseat wherever possible!¬† Simplify.

How do you de-stress your life?¬† I’d love to hear.¬†¬† I’ve come up with a few¬† suggestions that I offer you today.¬† See if any of these resonate with you.¬† For me, when things spiral upward, my reprieve is a few quiet moments sitting on the beach–listening and watching the waves.

  • Take a walk
  • Try a warm bubble bath
  • Choose healthy relationships that support you
  • Listen to music
  • Get creative; write, paint or draw
  • Try aromatherapy such as lavender oil
  • Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea
  • Take yourself to a “time-out” for 5 minutes peace
  • Start a small garden that gives you pleasure and gets you into nature
  • Prioritize and eliminate the non-essential.
  • Give yourself permission and know that most things can wait and the world will not fall apart if they don’t get done TODAY!
  • Laugh
  • Food affects our emotions and our mood; pick wisely.
  • Breathe

Yogotta Know This-Inga Shots-10

Movement; A Daily Dose

Yoga Class

Yoga Class

Any good mechanic will tell you that is much worst for an engine or piece of mechanical equipment to sit idle; cars, boats & planes are meant to be used. If fact, things that are not used–are not “thought about” breakdown much quicker or fall into disrepair often rusting away or crumbling. ¬† The oil, gasoline and transmission fluids are all meant to circulate through the engine.¬† Can’t the same be said for us? And, if movement is good for us–why do most of us resist it so? Maybe we need to see exercise as a “get to“?

Over the years, I have been a big proponent of exercise–and always enjoyed the gym; I was an athlete in both high school and college and it just came with ease. Lately, I have stretched myself to include yoga. I know the breathing is good. It connects me to a higher consciousness and I enjoy the soothing voice of our instructor and the silent nature of the practice; a refreshing change from the bombardment of noise everywhere.¬† Contemporary Yoga practices are used to alleviate health problems, reduce stress and make the spine supple. And, my self confession: this is not easy for me. I can’t even touch my toes, but know it is complete exercise program and an exploration into an alternative from my usual. I go once or twice a week. Sunday morning is by far may favorite class, and as the weeks pass feel it gets easier. I say all this, as we all start somewhere. When beginning a new routine, we often feel very much out of our comfort zone.¬† The unfamiliarity makes us uncomfortable. But in reality, we compete only against ourselves–not with the person next to us or across the room. And truth be said, probably everyone else is feeling the same way. ¬† This is true whether it is the elliptical machine or posing in warrior 4 or riding bikes or lifting weights.¬† Really, it’s all about being in the moment, and taking care of us!¬† Exercise is an ideal way of releasing a build up of physical tension, and developing a regular exercise program to suit your particular body type and lifestyle will have numerous rewards.

Sing while you walk. Use a kick board & fins to swim. Take a dance class. Ride a bike. Take the stairs. Play tennis. Maybe for you, it is a brisk 30-minute walk, shooting hoops or kicking a soccer ball? We all need exercise to thrive. Our bodies thrive on movement. Our minds feel better!

Start small. Make it part of a lifestyle. Do something that you like. What did you like as a kid? Find what is right for you. Too much, too little or the wrong type doesn’t work. Listen to your body and the movement it desires. And, if necessary find a buddy to support you–exercising can be much more fun if you have fun while doing it!

Be Well–love and light,Yoga


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