Old vs. New Consciousness; Happening Right Before Our Very Eyes!

Who would have thought innocent cats would have been at the center of such controversy. This 12-12-12 shift continues to be more and more visible. (It shows up in subtle ways in each of our lives.) I add and share this story to dispel the fear surrounding this consciousness shift. You decide as you read the dispute below–about the cats! Meow! Who has taken the more astute approach? Living in the harmony of love and the collective–or the life and position of hate and fear? This drama is unfolding in the city of Delray Beach, Florida, between a woman and her landlord. . . This is the darkness that is being exposed; the light is shinning bright! It was broadcast on a local TV Station . . .

“Astoundingly in the news report Tom admits he has no clue as to what Lisa does in the Tent, thou he alludes to some mythic aspect of cats being a disease vector to pregnant women…it was picked up by local TV news . . . Darkness cannot hide!


Businesswoman faces eviction after feeding feral cats; Landlord claims nuisance, denies trapping cats.

Some Sample Comments:

Arin Ashlar Tiki Man • West Palm Beach, Florida

All prospective and current business owners and land owners should boycott working with Tom Worrell. The man is a heartless moron. To Lisa: trap them all yourself asap and relocate them to a safe colony before this evil jack8ss kills more innocent cats and spews more ridiculous misinformation about health hazards. Also, you should be happy to move your business somewhere where you will not be paying this guy a red cent.

Shelly Miller
The landlord is an ignorant, cold-hearted fool. It’s a crime? The cats are spreading diseases?? He really made an idiot out of himself in this video.

Sue Gibson Feral cats are found in many South Florida communities! There are humane and responsible protocols to promote public health and manage the cats, and people to help, and then there are IMHO ignorant people like the property manager in this video. What is ridiculous is that happy, safe cats were killed, personal pets could be threatened, an entrepreneur faces losing her business, and someone looks like an idiot.
Dee Martin • Graphic Artist at World Media Enterprises
How very sad. Lisa, thank you for everything you have done to help the cats. Many blessings to you…I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. The community at large needs to be educated about ferals. The vacuum effect is real and there will be another colony taking over that territory. Killing is not the answer. Education and spay/neuter is the answer. I fully support TNR. Stay strong.

A. R. Henry
Tom Worrell has a heart of ice. Anyone who works so dilligently to harm cats will get theirs. I hope Lisa Kelly is vindicated, and finds a more receptive landlord and tenancy. She is more consciencious and considerate than some people who try to help cats. Worrell is the nuisance.

Ossie Sharon • Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
This landlord is evil, pure evil. Clearly the last thing about which he is concerned is “health”. I agree he should be charged for trapping and killing the cats, and hope Ms. Kelly finds enough supporters to sue him into a feral life on the streets.

Be Well, and in Love and Light,


Morning Mediation

Bright green parrots screaming, flying wildly over head
Jet plane passes on , familiar loud reverberation
Fish tail palms , rustling leaves–brushing, swaying, summer breeze
Quietly, sitting, breathing, noticing
And life goes on

Orange and white cat meows
Another plane zooms on
Morning coffee ritual waits
Motorcycle passing on the street
Leaves falling silently to the ground.
Quietly, sitting, breathing, noticing
And life goes on.

Another plane passing overhead
Orange cat meows again–meow–meow–meow, relentless–meow.
Flowers swaying from the breeze; welcome glorious summer’s end.
Silence comes briefly, and is gone; broken, distinct, conflicting;
The throaty Harley ambles on.
Quietly, sitting, breathing, noticing
And life goes on.

Little birds chirp their cheerful tune
Car drives on
In the distance I hear the siren racing frantically to its call–echo–echo–echo.
Cars passing, kids playing, baby crying, A/C back on
Quietly, sitting, breathing, noticing
And life goes on

Silently I breathe
Gentle wind blows
Warming Sun, reaching rays, invisibly touching, laughing, adorning my skin
Meow, cat rubbing against my leg.
Birds are back, cackling, calling, singing out
Squirrels warns, sentinel alert, A/C unit on, plane thunders, racing, rushing far above-destination unknown.

Meow, Meow, Meow

Here I am to meditate,
Quietly, sitting, breathing, noticing
And life goes on

White noise in my mind, always turning, always working, always thinking
Another plane above

Dog barking, doors shutting, starlings squawking, more planes flying on
Silently I breathe quieting my mind–ah finally, quietness a reflection of my soul.
Oops, another plane, another horn, a/c cycles once again, noisy parrots back, green.
Blending, expanding, growing, witnessing, feeling, . . . The Question . . . The Moment.
Quietly, sitting, breathing, noticing
And life goes on.

Cathy Silver

“That’s why so many of us teach meditation. Because when you stop thought, you stop resistant thought. When you stop resistant thought, then you let it in. That’s why we teach appreciation, because when you’re in appreciation, you are not in the mode of resistance, and you are letting it in. ”
— Abraham


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