If I Could See Something What Would it Be?

” Know Nothing, Access everything, Get out-of-the-way.” A conversation with Universal Consciousness. “No-thing” means ALL. Profound thoughts! For the last five days I attended and completed Richard Bartlett’s workshop levels 1, 2, and 3 learning about what he calls Matrix Energetics. This workshop examines what we observe beyond our physical senses based on our filtered perceptions, memes and morphic fields. What do we really know? Our left brain is constantly trying to sort and make sense of our world. But what if we could move beyond consciousness of what we think we know? His information is based on science, and the body’s own subtle energy and his gift for magic and miracles. It is cutting edge healing and transformation at its best, and it is based on pure intent and the heart field electromagnetic energy. Here one must move from the head to heart. After all, the Heart is 5000 x’s more powerful than the head/brain.
In the room were 200+ people–including physicians, construction principles and healers all learning about accessing the unlimited zero-point energy field and the unlimited energy of the universe. For in reality, problems are only patterns and when we learn to play and unravel those patterns, new patterns of information can manifest through an infinite range of possibilities available to us all. In the end, coherence is only beliefs, opinions and thoughts. And, as Richard says, it’s the space between the space where miracles occur.

If this is of interest, check it out at: http://www.matrixenergetics.com.

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Richard Bartlett answering questions with his co-instructor Melissa

Richard Bartlett answering questions with his co-instructor Melissa

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